Relaunch of Tiffany & Co KLCC and The Great Gatsby Ring

5:22 PM

Finding the right ring for you and your partner would be one of the processes of preparing for your wedding - and it's the part that I dread the most. Considering that I'm really picky with my accessories (since I only wear minimal statement pieces and that I'm not a diamonds kind of girl) it was pretty difficult to hunt for the 'right one'. 

I only wanted rose gold, since my usual accessories would mostly be made out of organic material - strings, leather, metal and in earthy colors. Getting a white gold ring would just limit me in accessorizing later on after the wedding. Plus, I put emphasis on the design rather than the size of the rock. I just could not settle with the common designs available in the market. Call me a hipster if you want, but you're spending four to five digits on a ring that you have to live with for the rest of your life. Of course I want to fall in love with it too!

I wanted a ring that was thin, in rose gold and exudes a luxe vintage aura. I'm sure you get the drift of it. That pretty much scaled down my choices to probably about 5% in the whole Malaysian market. However, there was one ring that caught my attention from Tiffany & Co so while I was there for their KLCC Relaunch party, I couldn't help but look around for it. It was unsuccessful, but there were definitely interesting designs to look at, unlike any other jewelry store I've been to. 

I was so tempted to get one right then and there, but I had to adopt the shopaholic mantra for now. We have so much to pay for during our wedding month so I had to skip. I did tell point8cam that once my heist plan is successful I'll definitely treat myself to a nice simple ring from Tiffany & Co (that was a joke, in case if you had a split second thought of reporting me to the cops). 

Oh, and I totally forgot to tell you that I saw the Gatsby ring, and other accessories that were in The Great Gatsby movie. 

Outfit deets on me: Bershka dress, ZARA clutch, Agape Boutique shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch.

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