Collaborations: Empowering Ambitions with Blackberry

12:17 PM

Never in my life would I have thought that I'd agree to acting, until recently I joined a cast of inspiring young, Malaysian individuals as ourselves - a blogger, a fashion designer, a multimedia creator, a chef and a football player. All of these characters were combined to create a short story spanning over a few episodes by Blackberry with the motive to inspire young people to get up, get going and do something special. 

Nurita Harith, Sufiz Allatif and I with the hosts of NTV7's The Breakfast Show during our TV slot.

Tapping onto the age of technology, all of the characters were able to connect and create a successful project with our smart phones. It's pretty much a gist of our everyday lives, constantly on the phone to either be entertained, connect or to get everyday tasks done. The best part about participating in this campaign? I made new friends with the cast and crew! 

I'm not a real actor, so I have to warn you on my amateur acting skills and enjoy it with a cookie!

In case if you're wondering which phone were we using, it's the new Blackberry Q5

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  1. hanie , blackberry is awesome. but too bad blackberry dont provide IG . you were using BB curve last time kan? :)

    1. Hey hey, yes I did! Someone told me that you can use ig on bb but there's a way to do it. Try google for it =)