Cafe Style Coffee with Nescafe Barista

10:30 AM

Recently I realized how much I’ve been missing on coffee after quitting my daily cuppa for a couple of years. It has helped me reduce my water retention as well as it kickstart my day so I’ve been starting my caffeine fix once again! No mornings are the same without a good cup of coffee but running out of the house for good, quality coffee would take so much time especially when I’m ready to start my day with work. 

Happiness could be a lot of things, but recently I found them in this nifty little machine – Nescafe GOLD Barista coffee maker that makes café style coffee with just a single touch. I could have my friends over and each of us could have any of these different types of coffee - Espresso, Americano, Lungo, Cappuccino, and Latte without leaving the house and with very little effort. 

I would get the machine to prepare a cup while I set up my workstation and by the time I’m ready to hit the emails I would be sipping on steaming hot café quality coffee. 

Here’s a happier part for my Singaporean readers: NESCAFE is having an amazing deal during The Great Online Shopping Festival this 25th to 27th of April to get an exclusive NESCAFE BARISTA* deal! Just click THIS LINK right here to get to the website and don’t forget to check out the links below for their latest news: 

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