12:53 PM

I guess this is it, the end of a blog that started it all in 2006, in the dusty student community room of Monash University Malaysia after seeing a friend of mine blog and I thought hey, this could be fun. Countless of events, parties, launches, travels, blood, tears and sweat later I'm finally retiring this blog.

My priorities in life has changed so much! From making this personal blog into a branded one - deleting contents that I find are too personal as I grew older and craved that much needed privacy to keep me sane and moving on to other platforms. Sadly over the years I also realised how much of a struggle it is to keep blogging and there's just too little time and money to be made out of it as a mean of income. People just stopped reading lengthy posts unless they're looking for specific types of information or just reading personal notes which I don't want to do much of anymore.

I still love (and miss) writing. I really do. But I'm channeling that into my travel website, something I'm more truly passionate about. I write for the videos we make as well as the content when I have the time. It might not make me money or get as many readers as this one did, but I foresee it to be a more stable channel for me to pour my thoughts, feelings and experiences out.

So I bid goodbye, and thank you for reading my rants, reviews and nonsense over the past decade. I wouldn't have reached to this point in my life if it wasn't because of you lot and this blog. ♥

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  1. owh no...
    hopefully you change your mind :)

  2. I remember your Tokyo blogs and truly enjoy it. I was a bit shocked when you chose to delete your personal notes (including your beautiful wedding). I think it started around the time you adopt Soba? Been following whatevertherewas too and keep up the good work. Its sad to see you retiring from the blogging scene and most bloggers that started blogging the same time as you seems to make the same decision. Nevertheless, Good luck in your future endeavors. :)