Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ramadhan at Talent Lounge with HungryGoWhere

Since point8cam and I have been making our own meals at home a lot, eating out have been quite the luxury I get whenever we want to take a break from cooking and cleaning while discovering new places to dine at. However, being able to cook also makes a person much picker when choosing places to eat. That is why I personally use apps and browse guide websites for reviews from others.

I usually use blogs as my reference point to find new restaurants and reviews but one time we were so pressed for time while driving to find a good place to dine in, so I finally downloaded an app call HungryGoWhere on my iPhone. We managed to find a restaurant in the area based on price search and I thought it was great so I explored more about the app via the website too. I struck gold when I found their recipe tabs (will hyperlink) as I love cooking and their recipes are as simple as singing nursery rhymes! I just have to check each week to find out what recipes to try out next ;)

HungryGoWhere is one of the apps that I’ve used previously and they recently invited me to a private meet-up with the team at Talent Lounge in Damansara Perdana. We were the privileged group that got to sample Talent Lounge’s Ramadhan Buffet Fare. There were dishes ranging from local to western fare curated by Talent Lounge’s own head chef and they were lovely that point8cam and I helped ourselves to a few servings. Follow their Facebook Page for more information.

Speaking of good spots to eat, HungryGoWhere’s app is a great tool to find halal places for this whole Ramadhan and Hari Raya. Just download the app by clicking on one of the links below and register yourself via Facebook or Email.

Once you have signed in, click on the top right Filters icon to start searching for places to eat according to your preference. Go via price range, type of cuisine, atmosphere and more. The best part about this is that they have a ‘Halal Only’ button so it will eliminate those non-halal places and saves you time! HungryGoWhere will then show you places around you, best places to go and so on.

Don’t forget to explore the app for other options available to help you with access to user-generated reviews and recommendations by the HungryGoWhere team of food writers. You will never go hungry again as you’ll have a digital kaki makan to suggest you good places. You can also submit your reviews and photos to help others when they have thoughts of, “So hungry go where?” next time. Also, don’t forget to read their food guide for news on new places to eat written by the HGW foodie team!

By the way, join their contest by sharing your favorite Malay food for Hari Raya, and stand a chance to win dining vouchers to Talent Lounge and Hari Raya hampers! Click HERE to participate now! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Be Safety Leaders with Toyota

When I was in college, there were many peers that drove around without putting on their seatbelts. We were told that wearing seatbelts were uncool and you’re supposed to live life to the fullest. I used to laugh at some people I know who would put on their seatbelts even if they’re sitting in the backseat. All that changed until a few friends were in fatal accidents or ones that survived were permanently disabled that I thought living fast and die young should NEVER be an option.

I’ve seen throughout school and college how my peers drive dangerously and to add on to that, they never wear seatbelts. It’s easy to say that “it would never happen to me” until it actually does and I’ve seen that one too many times I always remind people I love to wear their seatbelts. In fact, I’ve been in so many situations where I wouldn’t be here writing my blog if it wasn’t for my seatbelt that stopped me from going through my windshield via impact. 

Once, I knocked five cars on LDP as they emergency braked at a corner and I didn’t manage to do so in time. The front of my car was dented badly, luckily a few cm away from the main components but the luckily I was unharmed thanks to my seatbelt. All my belongings in the car flew to the front from the major impact. I can’t imagine if I had not worn my seatbelt that day. 

Toyota is currently having a campaign on advocating putting on your seatbelt before you drive, something point8cam and I personally believe in that now we want to have a better chance at a brighter and longer future together. You should not in any way put yourselves at risk just to look cool therefore Toyota is having a competition to give a chance to YOU to make seatbelts look cool! 

Check out my personal design below:

Create your own original seatbelt pad design either hand drawn or the via computer graphics that showcases lifestyle and creativity or something that best represents your country. Toyota will select winners from the top 10 most voted designs in each country and will produce your designs on 10 seatbelt pads and award you special prizes. 

My design as per above is just a combination of my favorite colors and graphics. However, I’m giving you a tip – make sure your designs are original and showcases bits and pieces of the Malaysian culture and heritage (I’m giving you a chance to win over me here =P ).

  • This contest runs from June until August 31st, 2014.
  • Male & Female of all ages from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand & Vietnam are allowed to participate.

Contest Rules 
Closing Date: All entries must be received by 31 August 2014. 
a) Open Category is for the general public, without any age limitations. 
b) Professional Category is for bloggers, design students, design teachers and design professionals, without align any professional. 
Design: All entries must include a THUMS image in the design. Be creative! or represent to their nationality/country. 
Size: All entries must follow this size. (template and THUMS will be attachment) 
Open Size: 19.5cm (W) x 23.5cm (L) 
Closed Size: 7.5cm (W) x 23.5cm (L) 

Design sample:

Format: Computer graphic and scanned hand drawings are accepted. Files must be in RGB JPEG format, with color or in black and white. Maximum file size is 2MB. 
Limit: There is no limit on the number of entries per participant. 
Judging: Toyota will select the winners from each participating country based on the creativity and originality of the 10 most voted designs. 
a) Open Category: TWO winners will be chosen in each country. 
a) Professional Category: ONE winner will be chosen in each country.

Enter this contest NOW via BESAFETYLEADERS.COM and submit your designs a.s.a.p.! Remember, strap on your seatbelt and save lives!

And click on this link to VOTE FOR MY DESIGN HERE

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pestle Mortar Summer '14 Lookbook Video by Groundhouse

About a week ago, Groundhouse Media worked with Pestle Mortar Clothing for the second time to create their Summer '14 collection lookbook video and instead of a coming-of-age story like the previous one, point8cam decided that Bam the pug, a part of the PNM family, be centre of attention this time around. The talents were Nicholas Mak and Ana Lucia. 

Here are the promo and the full lookbook video shot in one day. 

If you require conceptual videography, producing or DOP services, please email us at or

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quick Fix: How to Perfectly Poach Eggs

After all the recipes I've tried and shared with you guys on Quick Fix, it has just dawned upon me that I still don't know how to make poached eggs! As simple as it looks, eggs aren't exactly the easiest dish to master. So the myth about frying an egg as your first lesson definitely should not be valid. I think the first dish to learn cooking with should be making a good bowl of salad. You can never go wrong with salad! 

Anyway, to keep this short I'd like to share this video I found on the correct ways (yes, more than one way that doesn't involve vinegar) on how to make perfectly cooked poached eggs by Jamie Oliver. I hope you'll try it cause I will and let me know if it worked out for you. 

If successful, I'd put these eggs in my sandwich with toasted bread, lamb slices and some melted mozzarella cheese. Mmm… heavenly. Good luck!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

H&M Home Malaysia Preview

When I was younger, I would dread the times when my parents dragged me to household shopping. It felt endless and nothing excites me. That lasted until I got married, have our own place instead of living with our parents and started to cook and hosting friends. I became the makcik (a Malay term for typical Asian auntiesm usually loud and easily amused by womanly things). I guess as an angsty teen I never realised that this would be a rite of passage most women would go through. Believe me, it has nothing to do with degrading women but I feel more confident as a modern woman who knows how to handle myself in the house and also the kitchen. 

With that, nothing excites me more than the launch of H&M Home in Malaysia. I actually find it more exciting than a new pair of shoes. H&M Malaysia invited me to the preview of the things that would be in store with a warning - what you're seeing (in the photos below) are only a small fraction of the range that would be available this 24th July 2014 at Avenue K branch. 

H&M Home proudly introduces their Autumn designs, inspired by the softness of Nordic autumn light in shades of grey and soft pastels. A hint of glimmer is achieved with some metallics on brass bowls, trays, candleholders and other functional decor. To give your home a little opulence, textures and contrast, there are velvet and PU leather cushion covers, laced bed accessories and more. For the autumn dining table, combination of glass and wood creates a lovely contrast that still have the essence of homely warmth. There's something for everyone at H&M Home - eclectic pieces mixed with vintage glass, modern metallics and Scandinavian style minimalist. You are bound to find a piece to bring back home.

Here are some photos I took from the preview, I hope you like them and don't forget to check out other photos on instagram under the hashtags #hmhome and #hmmalaysia. You can view the available range and their prices by clicking HERE.

Monday, July 07, 2014

KLFW 2014 Snapshots by Romeo Shagba

I rarely show up at events anymore, unless it is to support friends and the people I love working with within the industry as I'm concentrating much more on life as a housewife and running WhateverThereWas. This year, my KLFW love goes out to Tsyahmi, Bobbi Brown Malaysia team and the Melium group for inviting me to be a part of this annual event.

Tsyahmi dressed me up for the Farah Khan show in a beautiful hand-painted dress from their latest runway collection. The white midi dress coupled with their outer was beautiful and I felt like an ethereal princess walking up and down Pavilion and it surely turned heads. I missed out on their runway show but looking at the photos from their Facebook, it looks fabulous.

Facebook page: Tsyahmi

Bobbi Brown's team was ever so patient answering my endless questions at the makeup and hair area before the runway shows. The makeup artists that were flown in were super friendly and they were the ones in charge of making sure the looks were on point before the models go on stage. Each look was created by Bobbi Brown Malaysia team for the designers and you can see their preparation here.

Facebook page: Bobbi Brown Malaysia

Farah Khan RTW Fall/Winter 2014 started with some casual sweaters and ended with a total sequinned out collection in true Farah Khan style. The dresses were lovely and seemed to be inspired by the 60's. There were plenty of shift dress cuts, houndstooth and geometric prints. The models' hair were slicked back with simple winged liners. My personal favourite is this high-neck dress that model Deanna Ibrahim and bright orange dress with knee boots that Tuti wore when they strutted down the runway. 

Facebook: Farah Khan RTW

I also have a to give a shout out to my boy Romeo Shagba as my KLFW date and for helping me with taking photos. They were great and you should check out his photography work. 

Some of the photos he shot at KLFW below: