Monday, September 01, 2014

Babysitting Thumper

What babysitting a bunny looks like, from the eyes of his godmother. Say hello to Thumper, my friend's not-so-new beloved Netherlands Dwarf. She was moving to a new place so I took Thumper in for a few days (also a long-term plan to make point8cam agree on us getting a pet) and I took some photos of his play time outside the cage. Such a sweetheart, this one. 

In case if you're wondering I'm still keen on getting a kitten. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Urbanscapes 2014 Announced - First Wave Line-Up

I'm rushing to go out so I thought I'd share with you the news I received less than an hour ago cause I just can't contain my excitement. I rushed to check my organiser and was devastated to find that I'll be flying off on the 6th December 2014 but I'll arrive a day before CHVRCHES' show. However, please enjoy them on my behalf and spread the word!

"KUALA LUMPUR, AUG 28 — Urbanscapes, Malaysia’s creative arts festival, will celebrate its twelfth year with a series of three satellite shows and a host of parties throughout the month of November, before culminating in full-fledged festival on Dec 6 at the Horse Ranch, Resorts World Genting in the highlands, just north of the capital city. A vast array of accommodation and transportation options will be available to choose from.

As of this release, organisers have confirmed Scottish synthpop band Chvrches (“Recover,” “Lies”), for an exclusive Urbanscapes Satellite Show at 7 pm, Nov 19 at KL Live.

At the Horse Ranch, Resorts World Genting, festival-goers can look forward to soak in the anthemic sounds of the Los Angeles-based indie rock band Local Natives (“Gorilla Manor”, “Heavy Feet”) that Pitchfork described as a “sort of West Coast ‘Grizzly Bear’ [the band]”. Playing alongside them will be the legendary American college rock outfit The Lemonheads (“It’s a Shame About Ray”) whose cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Mrs Robinson” paved a way to a breakthrough in their salad days, and their re-emergence when it was used in Martin Scorsese’s 2013 film “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

Fans with an appetite for our own local giants can look forward to OJ Law (“Fantastic Adventure”, “Tongue-Tied”), Ali Aiman (“Breathe”), and Najwa (“Got to Go”, “Before”).

Organisers are expected to announce the full-line up — including its headliners — at a later date."

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Whatever There Was in Iceland - The Journey

In case if you haven't been following much on this blog (I've to admit I need to pick up the pace again), I have recently moved my travel-related content to WhateverThereWas instead. There, we have articles from the past trips and also new ones. One of them is this video of our trip to Iceland earlier this year. Yes, it's been out and I haven't blogged about it here until now! 

Read more about this Iceland trip here -

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

30 Days Fitness Challenge

I found this on Facebook and thought that I'd share it with you guys so you can print it out and paste it on the wall for reference. I'm currently taking my fitness health much more seriously, for health and also vanity reasons. Good luck!

Friday, August 22, 2014

5 Things About Being a Blogger I Wish I Learned Earlier

This year marks the 8th year my blog has existed. Time flies so fast and I've learned so much. Being a blogger opened so many opportunities for me, but it also closed some freedom in my life. I've been loved, hated, attacked and stalked over the past few years that it has become a part of my life. I've only been actively participating in the blogging scene for five years but I'm patting myself on the back for persevering (despite the number of times I insisted on quitting) and still going on strong.

Being a blogger is never easy, especially when you're not a highly paid blogger and you need to keep a day job. I learned to save from the jobs I get, did some freelance work and be a little bit more frugal than I used to be. I have to admit that luck has been on my side (and of course hard work too) but I do struggle sometimes producing content now that I'm not as outgoing as I used to be. However, if someone told me that this is the life I would be leading I don't think I would change anything I went through (maybe I should have kickstarted a few projects I planned last time). I just wish I had someone to tell me these things so I'd save a lot more time throughout those years.

1. Never say yes to everything.

I have to admit that I have a soft spot for saying yes when people ask for favours. I've had friends trying to take advantage on the existence of my social media and also big corporations who told me that I literally should kiss their feet and work with them to gain exposure (well not exactly but I think you get my point). If you don't believe in it or it doesn't benefit you in any way, you are not obligated to say yes just cause you're trying to be nice.

2. You cannot pay bills with products.

Being a well-known blogger definitely does have its perks. You'd get products for reviews, and also sponsorships from various brands. Sometimes, these perks are a bonus on top of what you're paid for but most of the time, you don't get anything but products or services in exchange for write-ups and shoutout on your social media platforms. As much as I try to be nice, but you can't take everything in product form. Free items won't pay for your bills. Some does help bring down your expenses, in my case household items, makeup, body care products and electronics but most products can't even be exchanged with cold, hard cash. At the end of the day, you can't keep accumulating junk from goodie bags and have no money to eat with. This is why most blogger cannot be a full-time blogger. In the end, they phase out as it could not be balanced with the demand of their paying full-time job. There are times when you can exchange your service with products, but it shouldn't be a must in every case.

3. Competition should be healthy, not catty.

If there's one thing I'm not a fan of in the blogging world, it would be the dramas between bloggers. Surely there's always someone better, prettier, smarter than you but that should not be a reason why you should feel threatened in a bad way. Take it as a motivation to create a niche for yourself. Don't bring your competition down with rumour mongering and if there are any dramas within your radius, steer clear. If you don't like another blogger, just keep it to yourself or the people closest to you. 

4. Stick to what you know best.

As a blogger that started with no niche, I was literally writing about everything that was happening around me. Then it skewed more towards clothing and now I've decided to make this one a life and style based while I separated my travel content to another website. I did not want to talk about things I'm not familiar with hence why I don't do food reviews for F&B establishments. It's best to stick to what you know better than others so you have a niche and its easier for clients (cause I've worked on the client's side) to categorise you as they know your target audience better. 

5. Value is not always in numbers.

I have to admit, I'm no longer raking in as much readers as I used to the moment I changed my URL. Google is still showing links to my old url so I'm losing out on the search engine part. I have been very honest with clients and agencies and try to work with them on other platforms which has higher engagements such as instagram. However, some clients are still insisting to work with me on the blog as they do not look at the numbers, they look at the value of the target market they can tap on. It doesn't matter if you don't have followers in six-digit count, as I've met successful bloggers from around the world who honestly has lower number of followers than our average popular Asian bloggers but brands still want to work with them and tap onto their readers. There is no point to have so much followers but you have no substance. Work on one, and the other will follow. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SUPER's Secret To A Malaysian Smile

Humans spend so much money on medication, therapy and other things that benefits their health but they neglect the one most important thing that keeps our health balanced – being happy and smiling. When someone smiles, it eases up the body, puts a person in a better mood and it also exercises their facial muscles. 

Super Malaysia, the nation’s leading premium soluble coffee producer has recently announced their latest campaign and ambassadors – The Secret To A Smile. Actor-director Yana Samsudin and singer-actor Izzue Islam will be SUPER’s new ambassadors for the next three years and they will be reaching out to the a new generation of coffee lovers and participate in SUPER’s social responsibility project to uplift communities in need. 

The Secret To A Smile will stretch across all media platforms, starting with a six-part online video series that will premier on Youtube and Facebook where both Yana and Izzue will play secret agents on a mission to discover the secret behind Malaysian smiles. 

I tried SUPER’s hazelnut and charcoal roasted instant white coffee and loved it. Each bag is packed with attention to detail, advanced technology and passion to produce the premium cups of instant coffee for everyday consumption. As they are in instant 3-in-1 packs, they are great pick-me-ups anytime, anywhere as all you would need is hot water. In fact, I rely on instant sachets such as these when I travel. 

I love hazelnut coffee so it’s no surprise that it is the first one I reach for when I got these packets for my house. It has a lovely aroma with a note of hazelnut, mild bitter coffee taste well-balanced with the milk and it is not overly sweet – just perfect for my morning cuppa. 

To top off this coffee experience, there are also Secret Prizes worn and used in the videos by Yana and Izzue, so you’re required to click on the annotations within the video (the boxes that appears when you watch Youtube videos) and follow the contest instructions and submit your entries via SUPER’s Facebook app (no proof of purchase needed).

These Secret Prizes includes a Jawbone Mini Jambox Speaker, a Canon Digital Camera, Converse Backpacks, a Samsung Galaxy s5, a Rayban Sunglasses and a G-Shock Couple Watch Set. There will also be a nationwide promo by SUPER where Malaysians will stand a chance to win a Nissan Almera, Samsung Galaxy S5s and plenty of SUPER Hampers worth RM100! To win these, you must do the following:

    1. Buy any SUPER product, marked with ‘The Secret to a Smile’ promo sticker. Each pack comes with a unique Secret Code.
    2. Log on to and 'Like' our page. Go to ‘The Secret to a Smile’ app, and watch ‘The Secret to a Smile’ web video.
    3. Answer all the questions correctly via Facebook or contest forms available at any major super- and hypermarket. Submit their entry along with the Secret Code number. Each Secret Code is only valid for one entry. Contestants are allowed multiple entries.
    4. Contestants must keep the Secret Code card as proof of purchase (required for prize redemption).

 For more information visit Super Malaysia’s Facebook page at:

What more can you ask for than to enjoy a great cuppa and win prizes at the same time! Checkout
the schedule for SUPER’s roadshow below so you can rub shoulders with Yana and Izzue at your
nearest town!

Friday, August 15, 2014

What Sunblock Does to Your Skin

I'm a sun worshipper - I love being under the sun, and I prefer to be in tropical heath weather. Give me the beach any time and I'll be happy to just soak under the sun with a long nap and a tanning oil on my hand. I know the sun UV rays are harmful to my skin, but I have to admit I'm taking it granted right now as I have not seen any visible signs of ageing yet (except my skin drying out compared to a few years back). I've also noticed sometime last week that my mole count has increased (it worried me a little since it is linked to skin cancer). What killed me this morning was a video by Thomas Leveritt, How The Sun Sees You.

Instead of showing the effects of sun on the skin throughout time (which isn't really effective, to be honest) he showed the current condition of skin under ultraviolet cameras, and how it looks like when sunblock is applied to the skin. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the turning point in which I took out my stash of tinted moisturisers from Sephora and tried them on to see which would be my daily partner from now on. I used to wear tinted moisturisers when I was younger, but as I grew up I totally neglected wearing any skin protection altogether! Since my skin is considered on the fairer side for an Asian, I totally get why I would need sunscreen since my Melanin count is lower than someone with darker skin. Now you don't just need to moisturise your skin, you also need to protect it with sunscreen to slow the ageing process! Since I'm not a big fan of thick traditional sunblocks (they clog up my pores and make me breakout) I'm trying on these three tinted moisturisers with SPF20-30 that I got from Sephora Malaysia

tarte BB tinted treatment 12-hour primer SPF30 sunscreen, broad spectrum
- can be used alone or underneath a foundation to enhance coverage. oil-free, minimises pore, brightens skin and acts as a base for your makeup.

Sephora CC Care+Color SPF20 sunscreen.
- Universal shade fits all skin tone, moisturises and evens skin tone, wear alone or as makeup base.

Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream broad spectrum SPF30 Complexion Corrector.
- anti-aging sunscreen, complexion xorrector and tint in one. Helps protect, brighten and moisturise skin.

Upon application on skin I noticed the differences in each product instantly. (The product was not applied in order as the photo):

Thickness: Tarte has the thickest consistency, almost like a heavy foundation followed by Sephora's which has more of the sunblock consistency. Lightest would be Peter Thomas Roth. 

Pigments: Sephora's has the least colour while Tarte's is the most pigmented (hence there might not be a need to wear foundation on top).

Finishing: Tarte has a velvety finish, dries a little slow compared to Peter Thomas Roth's which glides evenly, sets fast into the skin and has the most even finishing. 

Scent (nearest to sunblock smell): Sephora is the one closest to sunblock smell, tarte comes in second while Peter Thomas Roth has the lightest scent. 

Based on the tests above, I've decided that Peter Thomas Roth is my daily choice. I hope I keep this up regularly *makes swear sign* and I will take care of my skin better. I've already started by cleansing regularly and eating more fruits, vegetables and drinking water so this sunscreen would be the next step to better skin. 

All products are available at Sephora Malaysia outlets.