Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SUPER's Secret To A Malaysian Smile

Humans spend so much money on medication, therapy and other things that benefits their health but they neglect the one most important thing that keeps our health balanced – being happy and smiling. When someone smiles, it eases up the body, puts a person in a better mood and it also exercises their facial muscles. 

Super Malaysia, the nation’s leading premium soluble coffee producer has recently announced their latest campaign and ambassadors – The Secret To A Smile. Actor-director Yana Samsudin and singer-actor Izzue Islam will be SUPER’s new ambassadors for the next three years and they will be reaching out to the a new generation of coffee lovers and participate in SUPER’s social responsibility project to uplift communities in need. 

The Secret To A Smile will stretch across all media platforms, starting with a six-part online video series that will premier on Youtube and Facebook where both Yana and Izzue will play secret agents on a mission to discover the secret behind Malaysian smiles. 

I tried SUPER’s hazelnut and charcoal roasted instant white coffee and loved it. Each bag is packed with attention to detail, advanced technology and passion to produce the premium cups of instant coffee for everyday consumption. As they are in instant 3-in-1 packs, they are great pick-me-ups anytime, anywhere as all you would need is hot water. In fact, I rely on instant sachets such as these when I travel. 

I love hazelnut coffee so it’s no surprise that it is the first one I reach for when I got these packets for my house. It has a lovely aroma with a note of hazelnut, mild bitter coffee taste well-balanced with the milk and it is not overly sweet – just perfect for my morning cuppa. 

To top off this coffee experience, there are also Secret Prizes worn and used in the videos by Yana and Izzue, so you’re required to click on the annotations within the video (the boxes that appears when you watch Youtube videos) and follow the contest instructions and submit your entries via SUPER’s Facebook app (no proof of purchase needed).

These Secret Prizes includes a Jawbone Mini Jambox Speaker, a Canon Digital Camera, Converse Backpacks, a Samsung Galaxy s5, a Rayban Sunglasses and a G-Shock Couple Watch Set. There will also be a nationwide promo by SUPER where Malaysians will stand a chance to win a Nissan Almera, Samsung Galaxy S5s and plenty of SUPER Hampers worth RM100! To win these, you must do the following:

    1. Buy any SUPER product, marked with ‘The Secret to a Smile’ promo sticker. Each pack comes with a unique Secret Code.
    2. Log on to and 'Like' our page. Go to ‘The Secret to a Smile’ app, and watch ‘The Secret to a Smile’ web video.
    3. Answer all the questions correctly via Facebook or contest forms available at any major super- and hypermarket. Submit their entry along with the Secret Code number. Each Secret Code is only valid for one entry. Contestants are allowed multiple entries.
    4. Contestants must keep the Secret Code card as proof of purchase (required for prize redemption).

 For more information visit Super Malaysia’s Facebook page at:

What more can you ask for than to enjoy a great cuppa and win prizes at the same time! Checkout
the schedule for SUPER’s roadshow below so you can rub shoulders with Yana and Izzue at your
nearest town!

Friday, August 15, 2014

What Sunblock Does to Your Skin

I'm a sun worshipper - I love being under the sun, and I prefer to be in tropical heath weather. Give me the beach any time and I'll be happy to just soak under the sun with a long nap and a tanning oil on my hand. I know the sun UV rays are harmful to my skin, but I have to admit I'm taking it granted right now as I have not seen any visible signs of ageing yet (except my skin drying out compared to a few years back). I've also noticed sometime last week that my mole count has increased (it worried me a little since it is linked to skin cancer). What killed me this morning was a video by Thomas Leveritt, How The Sun Sees You.

Instead of showing the effects of sun on the skin throughout time (which isn't really effective, to be honest) he showed the current condition of skin under ultraviolet cameras, and how it looks like when sunblock is applied to the skin. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the turning point in which I took out my stash of tinted moisturisers from Sephora and tried them on to see which would be my daily partner from now on. I used to wear tinted moisturisers when I was younger, but as I grew up I totally neglected wearing any skin protection altogether! Since my skin is considered on the fairer side for an Asian, I totally get why I would need sunscreen since my Melanin count is lower than someone with darker skin. Now you don't just need to moisturise your skin, you also need to protect it with sunscreen to slow the ageing process! Since I'm not a big fan of thick traditional sunblocks (they clog up my pores and make me breakout) I'm trying on these three tinted moisturisers with SPF20-30 that I got from Sephora Malaysia

tarte BB tinted treatment 12-hour primer SPF30 sunscreen, broad spectrum
- can be used alone or underneath a foundation to enhance coverage. oil-free, minimises pore, brightens skin and acts as a base for your makeup.

Sephora CC Care+Color SPF20 sunscreen.
- Universal shade fits all skin tone, moisturises and evens skin tone, wear alone or as makeup base.

Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream broad spectrum SPF30 Complexion Corrector.
- anti-aging sunscreen, complexion xorrector and tint in one. Helps protect, brighten and moisturise skin.

Upon application on skin I noticed the differences in each product instantly. (The product was not applied in order as the photo):

Thickness: Tarte has the thickest consistency, almost like a heavy foundation followed by Sephora's which has more of the sunblock consistency. Lightest would be Peter Thomas Roth. 

Pigments: Sephora's has the least colour while Tarte's is the most pigmented (hence there might not be a need to wear foundation on top).

Finishing: Tarte has a velvety finish, dries a little slow compared to Peter Thomas Roth's which glides evenly, sets fast into the skin and has the most even finishing. 

Scent (nearest to sunblock smell): Sephora is the one closest to sunblock smell, tarte comes in second while Peter Thomas Roth has the lightest scent. 

Based on the tests above, I've decided that Peter Thomas Roth is my daily choice. I hope I keep this up regularly *makes swear sign* and I will take care of my skin better. I've already started by cleansing regularly and eating more fruits, vegetables and drinking water so this sunscreen would be the next step to better skin. 

All products are available at Sephora Malaysia outlets.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Dove Serlahkan Dirimu 14-day Challenge

Routine has been a part of everyone’s lives since the early days of mankind. Every day we wake up with a goal, and constantly repeat the same thing the next day. That is routine. Every day we wake up with a set of task, and make sure that we’ve crossed that out of our to-do list at the end of the day and that, is routine too. Institutions teach us about routine – scheduled classes, timed meals, public system, they are all routine cycles in life. Without routine, most people would walk about aimlessly and not have a goal in their lives. However, all work and no play make a person dull so breaking out of habit and routine at times are good and could be refreshing. 

People have been duly following the routine of life and have put the importance of hair care off their priorities. Hair loss has become one of the major issues faced by Malaysian women and our confidence fades as our hair gets thinner.  It is a shame to see friends and family that has become more self-aware and conscious of their appearances mainly because of hair loss issues.

Although I am currently a freelancer and not bound by 9-5 timing, I still have my daily routine to follow. I wake up, wash up, check emails and social network and write down tasks I need to complete for the day. I would repeat this everyday and only at times encounter impromptu decisions during ‘working hours’ usually suggested by my husband – swim, lunch out, go to the cinema and more. At times I would of course do some pampering as I love it when I get compliments by my husband, especially when it comes to my physical appearance. It’s like a instant confidence boost to know someone notices all the effort you put into taking care of yourself, even when its not as often as you wish it to be. 

Recently, Dove has just launched their 14-day challenge app that participants will have to follow towards the ultimate goal – saying goodbye to the old you, and hello to a newly confident, beautiful and appreciate you. 

I love breaking routines. I love the excitement of new things; the same satisfaction traveling gives me – a sense of something new and foreign. It’s like an adrenaline rush like falling in love for the first time, or tasting a new dish. When Dove introduced it’s Facebook app in conjunction with the launch of their new Hair Fall Rescue System range, they encourage women to step out of their comfort zone and start making changes! The best part about having a routine is breaking them, and it is a refreshing feeling of freedom and staying confident.

Dove’s Serlahkan Dirimu app enlists of 14-days surprise challenges online that an individual may follow. It ranges from tasks of listing things that made you happy in the week, or encouraging you to try a new hairstyle or new outfit and upload the photo.  Despite my busy schedule I managed to try a few days of the challenge and the purpose of these challenges, although small tasks instantly hit me - stepping out of your comfort zone is a self-discovery step towards a better you. 

This app is fun and super easy to use! All you need to do is to complete a daily task according to the challenge given every day via the app for the following 2 weeks after registering. The fun part is that the app will create a personalized digital video of the transformation journey based on the challenges you’ve performed after the 2 weeks duration. You will learn things you like, or you may not fancy by trying new things. If you’ve never tried anything you will never learn or discover your preferences, strength and weaknesses. 

Following this challenge was a motivation for women to discover themselves, feel good and step out confidently despite their daily challenges as an individual, daughter, partner, and mother. Many women have joined this challenge today, why don’t you try too by clicking HERE. Plus, you stand a chance to win prizes worth up to RM20, 000 thanks to Dove Malaysia. 

Some photos of the mission I did!

Day 1 

Being confident makes a girl 10 times more beautiful!

Day 10

 Love how he makes me feel like the perfect girl in the world.

Day 14

If you have straight hair, curl it up or if you have curly hair why not straighten it for the day. If you’re more adventurous, go for a crazy color altogether! 

Don’t forget to try the Dove 14-Day Serlahkan Dirimu challenge (click here) and I’d like to know what do you do to break your daily routine in the comments below =)

Have a good day!

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Serlahkan Mahkotamu dengan Dove

I’ve been so busy co-running WhateverThereWas, my own blog and helping out my husband on some work that I’ve barely had time to pamper myself. The closest I get to pamper would be indulging on the couch in front of the television with ice cream! So I decided to join a one-night program of pampering session with a bunch of lovely ladies courtesy of Dove and talk about a common problem that most ladies have.

First up, I arrived at my hotel room and was welcomed with the latest Dove Hair Fall rescue products - exactly what I needed now that my hair is growing out and it drops more than usual and also a plate of fruits to keep things healthy.

Our first session was the highlight of my day, a head massage! Using Dove Hair Fall Rescue’s latest intensive hair tonic, the masseuse gave me a good massage and worked the products into my scalp. I loved the cooling sensation it gave and the scent was refreshing. 

We were then ushered into two sessions of workshops – first for image consultation and another for relationship talk. The first workshop, an image consultation had us breaking the ice by playing a game – we were supposed to say something nice to others by writing nice things on a paper stuck to their backs. That was a nice gesture seeing what others have to say about my appearance and me. All the ladies were smiling when they read the nice things a stranger wrote about them. 

We then were taught how to choose the best tones for our look by putting cloth pieces of different colors beneath our chin – it will highlight the best colors suited to your skin undertones. The relationship workshop on another hand, highlighted the importance of understanding your partners based on your own personality. I discovered and learned a few tips and tricks during the workshop so it was very nice of Dove to have all of us included in it. 

Our day then ended with a pillow talk session after dinner, hosted by local celebrity Nana Mahzan with a panel of guests such as Yasmin Hani, Sharifah Shahira, the two new Dove’s Real women championing the campaign, Suhainah and Shariffah. 

The purpose of this pampering session is to celebrate women and empower them through a series of 14-days challenge with Dove, and to introduce Dove’s new range of hair care – Dove Hair Fall Rescue System. The ambassadors, Suhainah and Shariffah Nadia who are real life bestfriends shared their problems with hairfall that lowered self-confidence, something that hits close to home with many women around the world. 

I, too, have my fair share of hair fall issues, especially when I try to grow them longer. I’m currently trying out this new Dove haircare and I am seeing great results myself. My hair is falling lesser than usual, and I hope to see good effects with the continuous usage of the shampoo and conditioner. The women in this workshop shared their stories on hair fall issues and I would like to hear from you too!

Since I’m trying out on this challenge campaign Dove Rambutmu, Mahkotamu ‘Serlahkan Diri Dalam 14 Hari Dengan Dove’ I’d love you to try it too! Just click on this link and have fun!

The Challenge will require you to complete one mission per day for two weeks, and there will be a digital video created for the submissions when it ends. If you decide to share it on your facebook, you might even win prizes from Dove! There are prizes worth up to RM20,000 to be won.

Lastly, don’t forget to watch Dove’s new advertisement featuring their two new ambassadors talking about their experience on hair fall and how they overcame it below.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Lose Some Gain Some

We had a good and simple Raya celebration earlier this week - went for prayers at the mosque, had a feast with families and drove back to Malacca for a day trip. Everything went well until we reached home on the second day and I saw a sight that I would never forget in my life - a window wide open for no reason. Knowing point8cam he will never leave our windows open, especially when we're not at home. 

Living above 20 floors, having a window wide open without a solid reason could only mean one thing - someone has breached our security. My hunch was only confirmed when I turned my head towards my sofa and noticed my laptop was missing from its usual sofa spot. I stopped in my tracks and asked point8cam if he forgot to close the window the night before, giving it the benefit of the doubt. Obviously, that wasn't the case. We walked in, and started going through the room. Everything was just fine, nothing was messed up except for my beside table being half open. We were lucky they did not ransack the place and broke anything. Unfortunately the same can't be said for our electronic gears - one laptop with its charger, two cameras, 6-7 lenses, video microphone and various other accessories were stolen. point8cam went to speak to our apartment security, while I try to take a look from the kitchen window. I noticed our lens caps were strewn on the floor of the corridor across. 

We packed our bags and stayed at the in-laws overnight then did the usual police report the next day. It felt weird to go back to our unit knowing that someone has gone through it. We felt violated. After making the report, we packed up almost a whole studio's worth of valuable items and moved out to another apartment overnight. We lost some working gear, security and memories that night but I am thankful we gained some great respect for our friends and peers. They offered us help, well wishes and even were willing to lend us some camera gear if we need any while we pick up our pace slowly but surely. 

Thank you, guys! This whole week have been nothing but crazy but we're glad we managed to pull through. We're off to a work trip in an hour's time so follow @WhateverThereWas on Instagram for updates. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ramadhan at Talent Lounge with HungryGoWhere

Since point8cam and I have been making our own meals at home a lot, eating out have been quite the luxury I get whenever we want to take a break from cooking and cleaning while discovering new places to dine at. However, being able to cook also makes a person much picker when choosing places to eat. That is why I personally use apps and browse guide websites for reviews from others.

I usually use blogs as my reference point to find new restaurants and reviews but one time we were so pressed for time while driving to find a good place to dine in, so I finally downloaded an app call HungryGoWhere on my iPhone. We managed to find a restaurant in the area based on price search and I thought it was great so I explored more about the app via the website too. I struck gold when I found their recipe tabs (will hyperlink) as I love cooking and their recipes are as simple as singing nursery rhymes! I just have to check each week to find out what recipes to try out next ;)

HungryGoWhere is one of the apps that I’ve used previously and they recently invited me to a private meet-up with the team at Talent Lounge in Damansara Perdana. We were the privileged group that got to sample Talent Lounge’s Ramadhan Buffet Fare. There were dishes ranging from local to western fare curated by Talent Lounge’s own head chef and they were lovely that point8cam and I helped ourselves to a few servings. Follow their Facebook Page for more information.

Speaking of good spots to eat, HungryGoWhere’s app is a great tool to find halal places for this whole Ramadhan and Hari Raya. Just download the app by clicking on one of the links below and register yourself via Facebook or Email.

Once you have signed in, click on the top right Filters icon to start searching for places to eat according to your preference. Go via price range, type of cuisine, atmosphere and more. The best part about this is that they have a ‘Halal Only’ button so it will eliminate those non-halal places and saves you time! HungryGoWhere will then show you places around you, best places to go and so on.

Don’t forget to explore the app for other options available to help you with access to user-generated reviews and recommendations by the HungryGoWhere team of food writers. You will never go hungry again as you’ll have a digital kaki makan to suggest you good places. You can also submit your reviews and photos to help others when they have thoughts of, “So hungry go where?” next time. Also, don’t forget to read their food guide for news on new places to eat written by the HGW foodie team!

By the way, join their contest by sharing your favorite Malay food for Hari Raya, and stand a chance to win dining vouchers to Talent Lounge and Hari Raya hampers! Click HERE to participate now! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Be Safety Leaders with Toyota

When I was in college, there were many peers that drove around without putting on their seatbelts. We were told that wearing seatbelts were uncool and you’re supposed to live life to the fullest. I used to laugh at some people I know who would put on their seatbelts even if they’re sitting in the backseat. All that changed until a few friends were in fatal accidents or ones that survived were permanently disabled that I thought living fast and die young should NEVER be an option.

I’ve seen throughout school and college how my peers drive dangerously and to add on to that, they never wear seatbelts. It’s easy to say that “it would never happen to me” until it actually does and I’ve seen that one too many times I always remind people I love to wear their seatbelts. In fact, I’ve been in so many situations where I wouldn’t be here writing my blog if it wasn’t for my seatbelt that stopped me from going through my windshield via impact. 

Once, I knocked five cars on LDP as they emergency braked at a corner and I didn’t manage to do so in time. The front of my car was dented badly, luckily a few cm away from the main components but the luckily I was unharmed thanks to my seatbelt. All my belongings in the car flew to the front from the major impact. I can’t imagine if I had not worn my seatbelt that day. 

Toyota is currently having a campaign on advocating putting on your seatbelt before you drive, something point8cam and I personally believe in that now we want to have a better chance at a brighter and longer future together. You should not in any way put yourselves at risk just to look cool therefore Toyota is having a competition to give a chance to YOU to make seatbelts look cool! 

Check out my personal design below:

Create your own original seatbelt pad design either hand drawn or the via computer graphics that showcases lifestyle and creativity or something that best represents your country. Toyota will select winners from the top 10 most voted designs in each country and will produce your designs on 10 seatbelt pads and award you special prizes. 

My design as per above is just a combination of my favorite colors and graphics. However, I’m giving you a tip – make sure your designs are original and showcases bits and pieces of the Malaysian culture and heritage (I’m giving you a chance to win over me here =P ).

  • This contest runs from June until August 31st, 2014.
  • Male & Female of all ages from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand & Vietnam are allowed to participate.

Contest Rules 
Closing Date: All entries must be received by 31 August 2014. 
a) Open Category is for the general public, without any age limitations. 
b) Professional Category is for bloggers, design students, design teachers and design professionals, without align any professional. 
Design: All entries must include a THUMS image in the design. Be creative! or represent to their nationality/country. 
Size: All entries must follow this size. (template and THUMS will be attachment) 
Open Size: 19.5cm (W) x 23.5cm (L) 
Closed Size: 7.5cm (W) x 23.5cm (L) 

Design sample:

Format: Computer graphic and scanned hand drawings are accepted. Files must be in RGB JPEG format, with color or in black and white. Maximum file size is 2MB. 
Limit: There is no limit on the number of entries per participant. 
Judging: Toyota will select the winners from each participating country based on the creativity and originality of the 10 most voted designs. 
a) Open Category: TWO winners will be chosen in each country. 
a) Professional Category: ONE winner will be chosen in each country.

Enter this contest NOW via BESAFETYLEADERS.COM and submit your designs a.s.a.p.! Remember, strap on your seatbelt and save lives!

And click on this link to VOTE FOR MY DESIGN HERE