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Having a good base for your makeup is like having a clean, new canvas to start crafting your masterpiece. Most girls skip the primer but it is actually one of the most important parts in makeup application, just as necessary to finish off with loose powder to keep your makeup intact throughout the day. BoostBalm’s Skin Barrier Cream (Pegasus blood edition is a locally made makeup primer cum skin balm that creates a natural base on your skin prior to makeup application.

As Pegasus’ blood is the purest amongst unicorns for its unique healing properties, BoostBalm believes that every ingredient within each bottle of Skin Barrier Cream is of the highest form of quality and origin. It took three years of research and another year of trial and error via human testing for this product to be ready for the market.

Each bottle costs RM120 but given it’s multitasking abilities, it’s pretty worth the money. BoostBalm prides in this product as it primes, protects and heals the skin. It is said that makeup could stay for more than 10 hours post application and it fills up pores creating a base and it is suitable for oily, dry and combination skin. BoostBalm has also patented the technology that allows the product to form a layer of breathable film on the skin thus giving a more even base for makeup. It is 99% natural and silicon-free and it would protect the skin from chemical and environmental damage. It is also rich in anti-ageing ingredients such as Phytosan K, Bearberry extract for a more supple, brighter looking skin and Geranium extract to treat sensitive bumps.

What I like about this product is that it really did create a thin layer of a good base on my skin. It’s not oily, so it gave a mattifying finish sans the dryness and it filled up my enlarged pores, making it easier for foundation to be applied with a damp blending sponge. I usually would need to use two or more primers prior to putting my foundation on but it seems like just this product is enough. There’s neither burning sensation nor discomfort upon application. There’s also no strong scent of perfume, which I actually appreciate as scents can sometimes be overwhelming. I didn’t however, managed to test this out for longevity but I definitely will on my next event outing. So far, I am pretty much satisfied with this Skin Barrier Cream that I would actually put it on with just a simple layer of finishing powder on normal days where I don’t wear as much makeup.

If you’d like to find out more about BoostBalm’s Skin Barrier Cream check out the links below:

You can also get 10% discount off when you purchase using the code HANIEBAE at the website. Promo code is valid until 31st October 2017. 



BoostBalm is giving away a RM2500 worth of Sephora Gift Card to the winner of The Power of Makeup challenge. Here are the steps to be eligible for this contest:

1.     Follow @BoostBalm on instagram.
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