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The sight of my own body hair can be appalling to me at times - I think it's just my mindset that I could keep my hygiene better when I have less body hair. Plus, I hate shaving. Yes, it's quick and easy but I've also noticed that over the years, my skin (where I shave with a razor) gets nicked, bruised and the skin becomes darker and greyish. That's when I was taught by my mother to remove body hair (especially the pits) using a tweezer. This process takes too long, and sometimes it makes me dizzy having to focus on tiny hair follicles for too long. Waxing is another option, but as body hair grows pretty fast that means having to spend time, and money to go every two weeks at the very least. It's not a feasible option to me, especially for someone who doesn't even bother going for a manicure and pedicure cause I feel like it takes up a chunk of my time.  

Here comes IPL PowerPac from Strip Malaysia, a state-of-the-art Intense Pulsed Light device for the comfiest Brazilian IPL treatment in the market. Strip Malaysia assures a painless semi-permanent hair reduction solution using a customised 5cm applicator that efficiently weakens hair follicles with results that lasts up to 2 years! It takes about 6 to 10 sessions depending on individuals to be fuzz free for longer periods of time. 
So here are my thoughts on this IPL Powerpac treatment after trying them for SIX sessions on my underarm and lady parts:
What's the procedure like?
Just like Brazilian waxing, you'd have to strip down to your bare skin. If you're doing underarm, you're advised to not use deodorant before the treatment. The therapist will ask you to lie down on the treatment table, wipe the area clean with sanitary wet wipes before assessing the length of your body hair. For IPL, they will need to shave the hair (not waxed) and they'll do it for you. Once the hair have been shaven, the therapist will apply a cold gel on the area to be treated and the procedure begins as the therapist moves the IPL device in circular motion over the skin. Once it's done, the therapist will cool the skin down with some Ice Cream. Nope, not the ones you eat but it's STRIP's own award-winning moisturiser that helps sooth and hydrate the skin from further irritations. 

Does it hurt?
Compared to Brazilian waxing, the IPL Powerpac treatment does not hurt. There's a slight tingly sensation as the IPL Powerpac machine is being applied over the skin as it emits Intensed Pulsed Light that uses a gradual heating system so you would feel like a warm sensation but that would also depend on your skin and your tolerance to heat. For me, I'd say it's only a 1 out of 10 in terms of pain. Totally beats waxing on the pain scale any day. The Powerpac is more comfortable and effective at reducing the risk of burns. Almost like getting a hot stone massage at your private areas. It also comes with a special cooling system that absorbs residual heat from the skin surface so you won't get after-burns and that pulsating after wax feeling. 

Isn't it expensive?
If you compare waxing prices and IPL Powerpac, it is definitely slightly more expensive but in the long-run you would actually save a lot more as the result would last up to TWO years after you end your treatment cycle. STRIP is running a trial promotion as per below:
·      Brazilian xxxx IPL (Female) - RM288
·      Brazilian xxxx IPL (Male) – RM388
·      Underarm IPL (Female) – RM88
·      Underarm IPL (Male)– RM188

How's the result?
The first few sessions, the hair will still grow as per normal. However, I noticed about two to three weeks after the session, my hair follicles will drop on its own. It's advisable to not go for waxing or shave on your own in between sessions. After a few sessions, the hair growth is significantly lesser. That also means that I worry less whenever I have to wear a swimsuit cause I won't risk any humiliating surprises for the world to see! Once the sixth session was done, I was waiting for the same effect of hair growing and dropping naturally but it's been over a month since my last session and my body hair have yet to grow. Of course there will still be some parts of the pubic hair that will still be there especially the ones closer towards the inner part but that's easily removed via waxing if I wanted to. For now, I can actually go for a swim in the teeniest itty bitty bikini I want and not having to worry about any hair getting exposed. 


So is this IPL Powerpac hair removal treatment worth the time and money? Oh yes. I would totally recommend this to people I know who are constantly going for waxing to remove their body hair. It takes up as much time as a waxing treatment would, and in the long run you would save money for not having to regularly wax. 

If you're interested to find out more about STRIP's IPL Powerpac or any treatments that they offer click on the links below! @Stripmalaysia is also giving away limited edition JTTPL tote bags + MALIN+GOETZ Ingrown Hair Cream to 6x winners a month via Strip's social media below:


Starting from 1st August - 30 November 2017 across all eight outlets in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, all new and existing customers will be given a Royalty Card to collect up to six stickers (each sticker can be redeemed after every RM100 spent). Once all six stickers have been collected, customers get to redeem either a complimentary Underarm IPL or Brazilian wax service. Each customer is entitled to only one card each throughout the whole campaign.

Also, Packages are sold at RM 500 and RM 1000, which can be used for ala carte waxing treatments every time you go to the outlet. With the RM 500 package, all waxing treatments will be discounted at 15%. For the RM 1000 package, all waxing treatments will be discounted at 20%. 

All prices can be viewed on strip-my.com 

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