adidas NEO & Selena Gomez in New York

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Apologies for not being able to update much lately, I've been busy with work and drowning myself in Pretty Little Liars as I stumbled upon it during my flight to New York. Speaking of New York, I know it's been almost two weeks since but the memories are still as fresh as the daily baked bakery bread to me. I was flown to New York to represent Southeast Asia among other bloggers from around the world to meet Selena Gomez and be a part of adidas NEO label's first fashion show, which coincidentally happened at the beginning of New York Fashion Week. 

It was such a great experience meeting other bloggers from different country, background and styles. I was definitely intrigued by the way each one of us styled ourselves in NEO with our usual outfits. There were so many people who asked me about Selena, as we had the chance to meet her in person for a Q&A session and to explain the styles that we have chosen for the show. Selena was a super sweet, soft spoken and petite girl. There's no wonder she's doing very well as she seems like a pretty humble and centered girl. Selena is adidas NEO label's latest ambassador, who is also working with the label to design things that she likes especially for her fans. 

adidas NEO had a Polyvore contest in which 20 000+ entries of ensembles were received from Selena and NEO's lovely fans to be included in the runway show. We had to choose only 20+ from the shortlisted ones and the ones chosen were showcased that night at the runway show itself. 

Thank you adidas NEO, I had a lovely time with all of you from the dinner at Toy, to the pre-show preparations, the Rockerfeller and NBC Tour down to the fashion show itself. Check out these behind-the-scene and runway photos taken by me, other bloggers and adidas NEO label and some videos too!

Tell me which outfit did you like most? And check out if you can spot me in the videos ;)

View more photos on adidas NEO label's Facebook

Selena Gomez & Hanie Hidayah =P

Click play to view Selena's debut commercial with adidas NEO label

 Maureen M (Mex)

Rita Galkina (Ru)

Maya Kibbel (Jp) and Stephanie Huang (US)

Click play to view post-event video of the adidas NEO New York Runway show with Selena Gomez:

Click play to view media coverage video of the adidas NEO label runway show with Selena Gomez: 

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  1. meet Selena Gomez personally? AWESOME!
    i'm kinda jealous over here cause i'm a fan of Selena Gomez! wuuuuu~~

  2. Selena is a famous singer nice an fabulous style for NEO