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11:21 AM

It's about three to four weeks away from my Big Day and the stress is starting to take a toll on me. There's not much to do, but you just... stress out, you know?

I haven't been getting much sleep either, trying to juggle the pre-married life with work, relationship, family, friends, blogging and sorting out the little things regarding the wedding. My routine usually consists of waking up at 8am, go to work at 9.30am then I would be in the office until about 6pm. I would meet up with point8cam for dinner, or buy groceries then cook in our office and it would finish about 10pm. By the time I rest until 11.30pm it would be time to go home. I'd reach home about 12am, or 1am if I'm out to meet people and sleep at 2 so the cycle just continues until the weekend comes. Most weekends, I don't get much sleep either due to family plans, or my schedule would be filled with appointments. 

I honestly miss having time to pamper, de-stress and walk around worry-free. So I take tiny hours in my daily routine to slot in some self-pampering session. 30 minute foot or body massage, 2 scoops of ice-cream, 30 minutes of Tumblr browsing and sometimes, a quick facial treatment. All that work and little play makes Hanie a dull babe... and it shows on my skin.

Other than all the health drinks, detoxing and what not, I still allocate some time to do quick fixes like a 30 minute mask to exfoliate so when Luxola sent me this de-stressing kit that comprises of a a face mask and a very, very expensive candle I did not hesitate. Why would someone reject a thoughtful offer, no?

So it only took me less than an hour for a quick fix, after a long day of work and play. I lit up the Mor Emporium Lychee Flower candle, and it did not take long before the sweet scent wafted in the air and I could feel my tensed shoulders calm down and my buzzing mind clearing. I washed my face with water, dried it and applied the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting mask and let it do its magic. The mask was Harper's Bazaar's winner for Beauty Hot 100 2012, a salon resurfacing mask that acts as a powerful once-a-week, home mini peel that improves your complexion with dewy glow and make it more supple.

You will feel a slight tingling sensation when you apply the mask but the result was amazing! Couldn't show you a better before and after photo cause my place was too dark in photos but I felt fresher, and the blotches on my skin reduced tremendously. Mind you, I have very unhealthy skin cause I don't go for facials. After using this mask, my makeup base even sets better as the dead skin cell layer was exfoliated leaving a fresher layer allowing foundation or powder to settle. 

Since I had the chance to use these products, I'd like to give you a chance to win one too!

Want to win the same de-stressing kit from Luxola worth RM340? Simply follow the instructions below:

You will have to blog why they think they deserve to have the Luxola De-stress Kit and the most creative post wins the products.

How to submit entry? 

Post their blog posts on the Luxola Malaysia FB page for us to check out. Don’t forget to tag my FB page (A V E R A G EJane) too!

Winners will be decided by Luxola and me!

Terms & Conditions

1. Contest begins 19th August 2013 till 11.59pm on 31st August 2013.
2. Prizes may not be redeemed for cash or exchanged for any other offers.
3. Each blogger may only submit one blog post per blog website.
4. Submissions of blog posts must be posted on Luxola Malaysia’s Facebook page or under this contest blog post.
5. Winners will be selected by Hanie Hidayah and Luxola Malaysia.
6. Winners will be contacted via email if selected (don't forget to include your email in the comment)
7. All submissions may be used for promotional and marketing purposes by
8. has the rights and reserve to change and rules and regulations of the contest at any given time.

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