Evening Stroll

8:30 PM

I haven't been updating much lately - after the wedding was over I felt like I needed some time off and could only update quickly via my Instagram. Plus, the house needed some setting up in between traveling and festive occasions. 

Married life have been great so far. We've been cooking at home more, watching our food intake. Spending time winding down with movies that we've missed out throughout the year and buying household items to prettify our tiny pad. It's surprising how little things makes a lot of difference in your home. My next aim is to get my own mini herb garden.

I'll try to update short posts more, instead of being over-ambitious and wanting to write full-blown blog posts. And I know it's unrelated, but I'll leave you with the photos below shot by point8cam on his new Nikon film camera. 

Oh, and I miss my evening stroll and hitting up cafes. 

Jacket - Forever21, Dress - H&M, Shoes - Clarks, Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs

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  1. Hi Hanie! Congrats on your wedding, alhamdulillah. Btw, you looked really gorgeous in this pic:)