Photo Diary: Tokyo, I'm in Love

2:32 PM

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Nothing prepared me for Tokyo. Well, to be honest we didn't have that much time planning the trip either. It was an impromptu decision for a year-end trip like we always do, and out of all the Asian countries we were listing down, Tokyo was one that point8cam and I have always wanted to go to, but never actually made a point to do so. Plus, point8cam wanted to go somewhere colder so he get to skate and not sweat like in the Tropics. I was hesitant at first (I'm more of the sun and sea kind of person) but then again, it's not always that we'd experience winter together.

Tickets bought, airbnb accommodation sorted and it was only waiting time until the day we board on that 8-hour journey to the City of Neons. It's not exactly my first time in Tokyo, but I was too young to remember much. We arrived at midnight, and with the amount of baggage (camera equipments and winter clothing) we had, point8cam didn't want us to get lost in translation heading towards our apartment so we got into a cab. The cabs in Tokyo charges and exorbitant amount, which is no wonder why most people opt for the train and buses instead. 

Our hosts were amazing, and the places they recommended and brought us too was indeed an unforgettable experience. We pretty much did not plan ahead, so we were constantly struggling with the journey from one place to another as most places are in Japanese. Only on our third or fourth day that we got the hang of the train lines and our hosts provided us with a Wimax portable Wifi router. Having internet in Japan is super useful so we can Google almost anything (that includes which stations to go to). Will give tips on how to get around and how much, next time. 

From the famous Shibuya crossing, to the Harajuku fashion, the best sushi in my entire life, endless amount of vending machines, amazing architecture and interior designs, weird sex toys shop and maid cafes, picnic in the park and more - Tokyo is one place I'd move to if I had the chance to.

Can't tell you more, but you will have to wait for my post soon! I've just currently quit my job, so I'm looking forward to a lot of traveling, blogging and producing in 2014!

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  1. Anonymous2:46 PM

    awesome shots hanie! Though i must say that you have been pretty daring with your attire nowadays, not that im criticizing or anything, just an obvious observation cause ive been following your blog since forever! hihi! I must say married life does suit you. Hoping for more posts from you in the future, don't ever stop blogging yeah!

    love - N

    1. Awww I've actually been wearing these things since way back lah. Thanks for the compliments though ;)

  2. Anonymous12:40 PM

    "Producing in 2014" as in producing babies??

    Happy new year, Hanie :D

    1. The baby jokes are getting tiring, really. Not to be rude, but I think I've had too much =/

    2. Anonymous5:49 PM

      I'm sorry hanie, didn't mean to annoy you! I'm very sorry :(

  3. Anonymous9:44 PM

    you've been to Ikebukuro ?

  4. bestnya pergi jalan2 tokyo!wish i could be there one day! :D

  5. hai hanie..
    I have been following your blog for years now.I love all your travel blogposts.
    I was excited to know that you were in Japan.
    I work in Yokohama. I wish I could have met you here in Japan. :)