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I used to be a skeptic. I was taught that anything oily was bad, and all I could imagine was to have the feeling of frying oil on my skin whenever I fried something. All that changed the day I braved myself to try out oil-based makeup remover and it felt like the light of heaven shone down on me when my super waterproof mascara melted within seconds. It used to take me minutes to remove my eye makeup during my younger years; using heavy cream-based remover I rubbed my lids until it was sore and I would still wakeup up with eye-crust mixed with mascara, liner and eyeshadow residue. That, was disgusting. 

Oil-based cleansers are the best. I tried from remover, face cleanser, to body-healing ones that contains Argan bought while touring in Italy. I was obsessed! When I started working and earned my own money, I indulged in beauty products that my student allowance would not have approved on. That, was the start of a whole new revolution of beauty, and taking care of myself. Now, I enjoy candles, baths, massages and beauty products that are lavish and fun to use. 

If this is not the time to pamper myself with good things, I don't know when I will. Sephora has a plethora (see what I did there?) of oil-based products with high performance ingredients. They are considered as an all-in-one source of hydration (and better compared to heavy creams) to rescue dry skin and hair. There are plenty of oil-based products that can be found in Sephora stores in Malaysia

All-in-one nourishing oil; head to toe beautifier, Supreme Cleansing Oil, Express Drying Oil for nails 
(all from Sephora)

Oil has many uses, so its up to you to research and be creative with it. They pamper the skin, and deliver benefits to boost radiance, minimise wrinkles and fine lines, improves hair condition and more. You can wear it on its own, or mix it up with your moisturiser before you sleep, create a slick dewy (not oily) look when you mix it with your foundation, improve the condition of your hands and cuticles with a few drops, or clean your makeup after a late night out within a minute! That last one is my absolute favourite as I'm usually too sleepy to wash my face if it takes ages but with oil-cleansers I'm usually done in less than a minute even with my eyes closed.

Check out this useful chart to find suitable oil-based products in Sephora according to your needs -

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  1. I absolutely love oil-based cleansers! My best friend's sister makes a line of her own and I've been so hooked onto it. Not only does it remove the heaviest of makeup but it also doesn't leave your skin feeling "tight" like soap-based cleansers would :)