Preview: H&M Home Malaysia

12:25 PM

When I was younger, I would dread the times when my parents dragged me to household shopping. It felt endless and nothing excites me. That lasted until I got married, have our own place instead of living with our parents and started to cook and hosting friends. I became the makcik (a Malay term for typical Asian auntiesm usually loud and easily amused by womanly things). I guess as an angsty teen I never realised that this would be a rite of passage most women would go through. Believe me, it has nothing to do with degrading women but I feel more confident as a modern woman who knows how to handle myself in the house and also the kitchen. 

With that, nothing excites me more than the launch of H&M Home in Malaysia. I actually find it more exciting than a new pair of shoes. H&M Malaysia invited me to the preview of the things that would be in store with a warning - what you're seeing (in the photos below) are only a small fraction of the range that would be available this 24th July 2014 at Avenue K branch. 

H&M Home proudly introduces their Autumn designs, inspired by the softness of Nordic autumn light in shades of grey and soft pastels. A hint of glimmer is achieved with some metallics on brass bowls, trays, candleholders and other functional decor. To give your home a little opulence, textures and contrast, there are velvet and PU leather cushion covers, laced bed accessories and more. For the autumn dining table, combination of glass and wood creates a lovely contrast that still have the essence of homely warmth. There's something for everyone at H&M Home - eclectic pieces mixed with vintage glass, modern metallics and Scandinavian style minimalist. You are bound to find a piece to bring back home.

Here are some photos I took from the preview, I hope you like them and don't forget to check out other photos on instagram under the hashtags #hmhome and #hmmalaysia. You can view the available range and their prices by clicking HERE.

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