Review: Elsa Bright Laser Treatment at M.E Aesthetics Clinic

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If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you will somehow notice that I’ve been taking steps to improve my skin condition lately. I never grew up with perfect skin. 

At one point in high school, my skin condition went downhill and I suffered from severe acne. So severe that my dad felt bad for her daughter to grow up looking like she’s sprouting all over her face so he sent me for vitamin C booster injections for months. It did clear up my skin although I wasn’t very sure if it had any side effects. The only things left were my enlarged pores, acne scars and some pigmentation from the years of tanning under the sun. 

I’m not a person who wears makeup on a daily basis, despite my undying love for cosmetics. Of course, makeup looks even better on a clean and clear canvas, don’t you think? I’ve always longed for clear, near-perfect skin so I can skip multiple steps of the makeup base everytime I want to put makeup on. 

I’ve consulted a few skin clinics before but I settled with M.E Aesthetics Clinic in KL, BerjayaTimes Square cause the doctors and the staff made me feels at ease. They were friendly, gentle and definitely one of the best I’ve met in explaining procedures and my skin condition to me. 

I had very little scarring left so I didn’t need to go for the major laser procedure. I also needed to shrink my pore size hence they recommended the “Elsa Bright Laser Treatment”, also known as the Lunchtime Laser Treatment as it takes only between 15-30 minutes to rejuvenate your skin. 

There are virtually no side effects right after this treatment so patients can resume back to their activities immediately, re-apply makeup and carry on with the day. However, it is advised that patients keep out of the direct contact with sunlight and apply at least SPF 30 before going outside. If patients have extra time, this Elsa Bright Laser Treatment can also be combined with Post-Laser Treatment as an ideal complement to microdermabrasion. 

Benefits of the Elsa Bright Laser Treatment:

  • Removes brown age and liver spots (lentigines)
  • Removes freckles
  • Removes tattoos
  • Removes brown birthmarks and Nevus of Ota
  • Improving dull & uneven skin tone,
  • Smoothes wrinkles,
  • Minimizing open pore
  • Improving acne & black heads.
  • Stimulates new collagen synthesis to improve skin tone

I’ve had multiple shoots over the past couple of months and have been exposed to extreme sun and harsh conditions but every time I did the treatment I would always come out with great skin right after. I can’t wait to finish all my shoots and have the best condition for my skin to breathe, heal and rest. So far, these are my photos with very little foundation less than a week after each treatment. I noticed that my scarring have lessened, my pores have tightened and it’s easier to remove my whiteheads nowadays. All you need it just good routine of skin care, sun protection and you’ll be able to maintain the post-laser skin for a very long time.  

After my first treatment, I got a little sunburnt in Thailand during my shoot but my pores were clearly diminishing in size and applying makeup was much easier. 

By the time I was in Azerbaijan, my makeup stayed and my face was less oily. I didn't need any more makeup base or pore fillers before applying my foundation. Plus, I was only using a tinted moisturiser instead of a full-fledged foundation on this trip.

My latest skin condition in Sydney, smoother skin with less acne scar visible on my skin. I had little foundation and my skin was easier to manage. However I was sunburnt again from this trip and I'm currently rejuvenating my skin with home remedies and also going for the facial treatment at M.E Clinic soon! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What is the ELSA BRIGHT LASER TREATMENT and how can it benefit patients?
ELSA BRIGHT LASER TREATMENT effective in improving signs of mild-to-moderate photo-damage skin irregularities with no downtime and without any adverse side effects. 

2)Are ELSA BRIGHT LASER TREATMENT allowing patients to return to work immediately after treatment? 
Yes, ELSA BRIGHT LASER TREATMENT is a “lunch time therapy” that is comfortable, effective & best of all, nobody knows you’ve done laser when you’re back at the office as there is virtually no downtime. This treatment is a non-invasive procedure unlike any other skin resurfacing treatment. It is effective in improving dull & uneven skin tone, smoothens wrinkles, boost up collagen production, rejuvenation, open pores, acne & black heads. 

3) How ELSA BRIGHT LASER TREATMENT work and what benefits can patients expect? 
The laser light passes harmlessly through the upper layers of the skin and stimulates those cells deep below the surface which produce natural collagen. The collagen and elastin fibers continue to multiply after your treatment, and you will continue to see improved results over the months ahead. 

4) What can patients expect during treatment and how long does treatment time last?
None or skin turns mildly pinkish for a few minutes to hour. It can be done once every 3-4 weeks. The procedure takes between 15 and 30 minutes, and there are virtually no side effects. Those who wear facial cosmetics can reapply their makeup right away, and freely carry on with their day. 

5) How many sessions does one need to achieve optimum results for removing pigmentation/ solar lentigines /freckles/brown spots?
Depending on the size, depth and type of the pigmentation, the number of treatments will vary. Some may be removed in two to four visits, though many more sessions may be necessary. You should schedule a consultation, during which time a trained professional will evaluate your personal situation and advise you on the process.

6) What are the disadvantages related to ELSA BRIGHT LASER TREATMENT and if there is downtime, can patients return back to daily activities immediately after?
For pigmentation such as solar lentigines and freackles. Most patients undergo a ten-minute treatment. A mild to moderate redness and irritation of the overlying skin is to be expected for a few days to a week, depending on the depth and amount of pigment to be removed. Patient can resume back to work after the procedure and advised to apply sunscreen at least SPF 30 and above and to avoid excessive sun exposure. 

Lastly, if you’d like to try the SkinFix with Skin Laser Treatment,

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They also do non-surgical double eyelid procedures, browlift, V-face shaping and facial services. Results may vary individually so it's best to contact them and get some consultation done specially for you!

Contact M.E Aesthetics Clinic Times Square via the details below:

Address: M.E Aesthetics Clinic, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, M'sia. (LG, Nearby BORDERS) 
Phone: 03-2143 3866 / 03- 2110 6883 
Whatsapp/ Wechat: 018-2228122 

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  1. OMG I should so try this out after pregnancy! I've been wanting to remove my freckles for the longest time. Would definitely consider checking this out :)

  2. Maybe you should state clearly at the top this is an advertorial instead of me reading the entire post only to find the little Advertorial tag at the bottom which most people would overlook. 'I settled with XXX clinic because they made me feel at ease' um really? Not because you're being paid to review them? I understand that writing advertorials is how you earn but I don't think it's fair to mislead people into thinking you stumbled upon them in your quest for better skin (yes you didn't explicitly say so but we both know that's where the article is slanted towards). Ethics anyone?

    1. Just to clear your allegations, I did settle with this clinic as they did make me feel at ease after going for consultations with other clinics that offered to sponsor my skin treatment. I'm sorry if you feel that this article was misleading, but I'm not being paid a single cent to review them. They only offered me to try out their treatment in exchange of a review.

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