Giving This a Fresh Start

11:17 AM

I've given some thought about reviving my blog in the past few months - delete all my previous posts,  get a new url, or just revamp this one. I know I've said that I might not want to continue writing again, my blog was saturated with ads and they're mostly things that are unrelated to my main goals. As hard as I tried to avoid them, some of them did pay the bills. It was hard to not write, there's always something on my mind that I'd like to share.

This time around, I'm going strict on my blog - fashion, beauty and the occasional lifestyle. I already have my travel and food site separately. Let's try it one more time, and see where this takes us. 

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  1. So glad this blog is up back! <3 I enjoy reading all ur writing especially on fashion and travel! :D

  2. Anonymous11:48 AM

    hope you write things you used to before all the ads take over. I love ur blog babe!

  3. YAY! this blog is back! I keep on going back here every now and then hoping that you'd write again. I'm so happy that you returned. :D

  4. I'm very glad that you're back! :)

  5. Awesome to see you back! Been reading your blog on and off since back in the day. Looking forward to it:-)

    Sarah xo.