Unisex Skin Care Products for Couples

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The perks of doing what I'm doing is that I always get samples or the latest stuff for beauty and skincare products and these perks passes down to my husband. Over the past two years we've been married I've started to notice that we're sharing a lot of things than our feelings - our skincare and down to the facial tools we use. We now have a Clarisonic device each (which we swear on to keep our face clean), and a few skincare brands we stick to and use together:

La Mer

I have always dreamed of using La Mer since high school. It was one of those brands I've told my teen self to buy once I make some bank. Now that I'm working I realised that it's an investment to have at least one or two high-end skincare product to keep your skin in check. The first time I tried La Mer, it was the Illuminating Eye Serum (which I bring with me traveling and religiously use before bedtime) and I love it. My husband and I have bad sinus problems, which causes us to have dark circles and eyebags (cause you don't get deep sleep from the blocked nasal) and the eye serum helps a little to reduce the puffiness and the dark circles. We've just received this Treatment Lotion from La Mer which can be used by my husband and I! This lotion is best used as an aftershave for men, and as a toning water after cleansing for women. It comes off a little oily, but dries off instantly as your pat it into your skin and leaves a satin finish. I love the light scent, smells like scented powder. 

La Mer is available in La Mer stores nationwide.

Peter Thomas Roth

The first time I encountered Peter Thomas Roth products were during my stays in Hilton Hotels. When Sephora Malaysia brought them in, I couldn't resist trying out one of the products - it started with the Un-Wrinkle Turbo Toning Lotion, onto the Gel Masks (cucumber and rose are my favorites), and the most recent one is the Cucumber De-Tox foam cleanser. I love the fact that they are gentle to my skin and does not cause me to break out, while my husband loves that they provide just the right amount of moisture as he dislikes heavy or creamy products. In fact, we use the mask when we travel especially on beach trips. All you have to do is pop the mask in the fridge and use it to cool down your sun-kissed skin. It's also great to sleep with (yes, you sleep with the mask on) and wake up to supple skin the morning after. I have just received a serum from this brand to try out but I have yet to. Will probably post it up very, very soon.

Peter Thomas Roth is available in Sephora Malaysia stores


My husband needed a new set of skincare while we were mid-traveling for a month as his ran out, and he has always wanted to buy something from MUJI. We were in Bangkok and dropped by at an outlet and I thought he'd buy no more than just a cleanser and toner. Lo and behold, he went for the dive and bought the entire anti-ageing range (there's 4 ranges in stores) except serum and moisturiser. I guess you'd notice by now how he dislikes the whole moisturiser part of the routine as he does not want to look 'dewy'. Must be a manly thing. So far, I'm a fan of the cleansing soap, toner and I also use the shampoo once in a while. Love the smell, it has some sort of a rooted, citrus and ginseng scent. I'm on the fence with the cleansing gel though - it's lovely to melt impurities on my face but it doesn't wash off very well and it took some time to really cleanse my mascara. In this case, I have to say that I'll pretty much stick to my favorite oil cleansers for obvious reasons. 

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  1. Hanis heyaneh11:39 PM

    (cause you don't get deep sleep from the blocked nasal)

    Me too! So it's called bad sinus eh #TIL
    Was trying to figure out what's the problem with my nose and why do I have a really bad dark circles. Thanks Hanie.
    And hey bestnya share skincare products!
    My bf pun suka pakai itu ini, habis facial mask I semua, hahah!

  2. I pretty much skipped out on doing my regular regime of facial scrubs and the likes, using only light make up removers and the like, his comment is here