Maison Kitsune for Shu Uemura Holiday 2015

11:31 AM

Maison Kitsuné's exclusive Holiday 2015 collection with Shu Uemura is finally in stores on our shore. The contemporary collection unveils a reinvention of East Meets West - influenced by both Paris and Tokyo, an upgrade of the "classics" by mixing them with daring range of colors, prints and materials. From fashion and music to beauty, two of the world's best collide East and West to create a neo-classic range for the beauty fans. Maison Kitsuné and Shu Uemura created a "beauty remix" collection featuring iconic motifs from both East and West and gives it a fresh twist - a dress & a kimono, a beret and straw hat, a croissant and a manju, fleur de lis and plum blosson, cafe and green tea to redefine a culture that fuses evergreen cultural staples with the modern chic trend. They have successfully mix and matched fashion, music, art and culture to create a new realm of beauty. 



These lip lacquers are light, gives a subtle shade but still has a pop of color on the lips. Its fine gold pearls are great to complete a look all day long. These warm range are the opposite of the usual moody winter shades so it gives an edgy, electro twist to your look. Available in three shades - #plum shimmer, #fleur shine, #persimmon glow. 


This nifty little palette is a great addition to my palette collection for the city girl in me. The hues reminds me of nu-electro, big city-girl boldness - inspired by the Western smokey eye look and Tokyo street girl's high cheek. There are plenty of looks that could be created from this small palette - bold to subtle for a fresh twist. It comes in two set of shades - #indigo and #plum.

#indigo palette - a collision between effortless French style smokey eye in navy and pink blush under eyes inspired by a youthful Tokyo spirit.


Shu Uemura's eye pencils are one of my favorites - enhancing the smokey eye are taken up a notch with an edgy colored wing. They are creamy, glides on easily and could be used together or on its own for an interesting collision to channel the Paris-Tokyo vibe. It comes in four shades - #M indigo, #M plum, #G silver, #G gold. 


I used the #indigo smokey eye & cheek palette around my eyes with the navy and white to create a smokey look. The upper eyelid was lined with the indigo eyeliner while the bottom waterline was lined with the plum eyeliner. The cheeks are subtly brushed with glow on pink from the smokey palette. On my lips were the combination of three lip laque sparkler - # plum shimmer, #fleur shine and # persimmon glow. 

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