Closet Staples: Bralettes

10:30 AM

These days I find myself wearing bralettes more than the underwired bras. Not only that they're comfortable, they are one of my best investments for traveling as they take up less space in my luggage and they're easy to wash and dry. As a woman with generally average sized bust, bralettes are good enough for support and they give me a sense of inner confidence as they look amazingly sexy. There's just something about wearing nice lingerie underneath all that clothing that boosts the mood even when you're wearing just tank top and shorts. The only downside to bralettes are that they're mostly not nipple friendly and as you know, it's pretty rude to point at people. Nevertheless, I find that they're a great investment especially if you want to travel light (and of course, feel much lighter too). Here are the web stores that I get my bralettes from*.

*some does not ship to Malaysia 

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