H&M Launches Online Store in Malaysia

3:04 PM

Be prepared to create a huge dent in your wallets (and mobile data) as H&M has just launched their online store in Malaysia! I'm a fan of H&M when it comes to buying quick key or basic pieces for parties but I hardly go to malls nowadays so this online store is my saviour. I no longer have to scour through endless mountains of clothes and walking out with nothing I like, or having to decide on the spot (which feeds my bad habit of impulse buying). I've even put some pieces I like in the wishlist, obviously, especially now that the online store offers a wider range of collections than in-store with their "online-only" pieces for ladies, mens, teens, plus-size and full children's line. 

Apart from being accessible one click away, H&M also debuted the all-new Edition concept - a premium collection of staples for men, made from the finest fabrics like 100% soft cashmere, supima cotton/ silk jersey, raw silk and lightweight summer wools that will be updated according to seasons. 

To celebrate the launch of their e-commerce, customers will get free delivery for their online purchases until 28th May 2017 as well as 25% off one item online for those who have downloaded the H&M app or subscribe to Fashion News.

Time to click add to cart!

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