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It’s been about 6 months or more since I started my journey with AIA Vitality and I’ve made some changes in my life that rendered me with positive results (that includes me being a better version of a couch potato lol). Apart from the physical changes, there are some shifts in the way I’m living – there are more positive points now and I can’t be any happier with this new shift in life balance. Here are some of the things that I have changed in my life.


My previous lifestyle was not extremely horrible - I eat well, I move all the time but I was not very healthy or fit either. As much as I indulge in good food, I am now more cautious and aware of the things I put into my body and I try to move more on a daily basis. I cook more often, and make choices to eat a well-balanced diet most times and I’m more active in terms of doing exercises and going to the gym. Who would have thought that this girl who terminated her previous gym membership would get back to weekly workouts and is even willing to try out new activities such as cycling, dancing, boxing and more! Times have definitely changed.


I’ve also made new friends and got closer to existing friends with common interests now. We’re no longer just seeing each other for special occasions, but we have even made it a point to work out and attend fitness classes together. It’s been fun to encourage and watch each other’s journey, as we get fitter and healthier. It is very refreshing to be with people who want to see the best in you and constantly encourage each other to achieve a common goal.


I discovered that I am not weak as I thought I was, hence I stopped making excuses of things I thought I couldn’t do. I didn’t realize that having a more positive mindset also helped me to push myself further – instead of saying “I don’t think I can”, I now say “I’ll try my best” and it usually puts me steps ahead whenever I achieve something further than my initial goal.


Ultimately, I have learnt to love myself better – to take care of myself emotionally and physically and be at peace with most things. I am open to push myself more than I use to, but also accept the results that comes with the effort I put into something be it in the gym or in life. As my yoga instructor said “whatever you practice on the mat can also be applied in life” and I live by that now.

I never thought that signing up with AIA Vitality would have such a huge impact in my life. I initially thought that I’d be just be competitive in raking up points by being active and enjoying the rewards which comes with AIA Vitality, but I ended up enjoying the journey to the ultimate reward one could ever hope for: better overall health. Would you try this? What have you done to improve your health? Share with me, as I would love to hear your thoughts. What other workouts should I try in the future?

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