La Mer Blue Heart for World Oceans Day 2017

11:00 AM

Most of us might not give thoughts to the ocean much but little do most people know, the ocean holds 97% of the planet's water as well as it produces some part of our oxygen in the atmosphere while absorbing carbon dioxide that helps buffer global warming. Even as we live inland, the ocean has a great effect on most of us as it is the source of a running ecosystem- oxygen, food, water and more. Most of the earth's population converge around coastal areas and we pollute the ocean in so many ways - waste management, uncontrolled tourism, over-fishing all contribute to the detriment of marine life health. As there are very little people who do not directly depend on the ocean whether recreational or as their livelihood, these problems are often overlooked upon. Therefore we're slowly but surely creating a risk in which our survival depends on! 

As a diver, I could see at times the effects of human activities on the marine life. Not only that they lose their beauty (which takes years to build), it is also terrifying to think of the consequences that comes with the destruction of marine life towards our planet. La Mer Blue Heart Fund is aware of this issue and are active in taking a pledge to conserve the ocean as well as supporting Marine Protected Areas globally. Marine Protected Area (MPA) are protected areas of seas, oceans, estuaries or large lakes that restricts human activity for conservation purposes to protect natural or cultural resources. In Malaysia, La Mer works with Reef Check Malaysia to support their conservation and protection of Malaysia's biodiverse marine life at our islands. 

La Mer partnered with Project 0, an ocean conservation organisation by sponsoring an art trail - 50 works of art designed by artists, tastemakers and conservationists which was unveiled throughout New York City leading up to World Oceans Day last June 8th. With the auction, 100% of the net proceeds will help support restoring and protecting MPAs around the world. La Mer has also launched their Limited-Edition Blue Heart Crème de la Mer (100ml) retailing at RM 1,890.

For more information on the La Mer Blue Heart Fund please visit

As for the public, here are some efforts that could be done individually to help conserve the ocean - use fewer plastic options, do not purchase products that exploit marine life, help take care of the beach and educate yourself and others about marine life and the oceans. 

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