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Dubai isn't all sand and sea as there are plenty of things to do in this thriving city that's filled with expats and Emiratis. I've always been in transit at Dubai airport in my teen years of traveling but I've never stepped foot outside of the airport until this year. Most parts of Dubai is still under construction, as can be seen from the top of Burj Khalifa, but that didn't stop Dubai from receiving an influx of tourists and expat over the years as they have so much to offer - indoors and outdoors. Although it is a predominantly Muslim country with Islamic customs and rules that you have to adhere, there are still a good balance of modern Western influences especially in dining, services and retail offerings. Here are some of the highlights of my trip with #MyDubai at the beginning of the summer:

Address Dubai Hotel 

Throughout the entire trip we stayed at The Address Dubai Hotel at Dubai Mall. My room had such a great view of the Burj Khalifa, which was within walking distance as well as the Dubai Fountain and other main tourist attractions within the city centre. The rooms were spacious and it had great space for you to unwind and soak your tired feet in the tub. 

The breakfast buffet in the hotel was my favorite part - the food and selections were amazing and the service was top notch. I had a dedicated housekeeping team that left me notes, chocolate covered dates and cleaning twice a day! They make my bed in the morning and prep my room in the evening by drawing the blinds and put my pillows in a way where I could just crash and call it a night. If this was not hospitality, I don't know what is. 

Address Dubai website

Dubai Mall and Fountain

The Dubai Mall is huge with selections from both local and international retail offerings. Most things in Dubai are heavily influenced with the American culture thus you could find a number of American establishments and brand names within the mall. I was ecstatic when I found Shake Shack so I could satisfy my cravings. You could walk from the hotel through a specific entrance and go through the mall to get to the Dubai Mall Fountain where a fountain show happens in the evenings - truly a view to marvel at with the iconic Burj Khalifa and Palace Downtown in the background. You could also go for the Abra ride around the fountain for a picturesque view of the entire area.

Wakame Restaurant

Dubai is known for the thriving food and beverages scene and Wakame at Sofitel Downtown Dubai is one of the spots to go to if you're looking for Asian-fusion cuisine. I was told that the dinner experience at Wakame will evoke all five senses and truly enough the food was one of the best we had during the trip - sushi and dim sum meals with a modern Western twist, tantalising every bit of my tastebuds with the brilliant pairing of flavours and ingredients. There's also a bespoke bar within the establishment for those who love their alcoholic concoctions. 


Sunset at The Palm

I've seen plenty of sunsets in various locations around the world and I must say that catching the sunset at Dubai's The Palm island would be in my top ten. The boardwalk outside of Jumeirah Zabeel Saray was the perfect spot to park your ride and take a walk along the beach whilst enjoying a view of the city. In fact, the beautiful sunset could be seen everywhere in Dubai. From the Dubai Fountain to the city walk and the desert - there are plenty of Dubai sunsets to be enjoyed by everyone.

The Palace Downtown

The entrance of Palace Downtown Dubai have been 'grammed so much that you might have stumbled upon it while scrolling through your explore feed (I had to have my moment too, obviously). Take a walk inside this beautiful establishment and awe at the well-planned details within the architecture as every corner are worth marvelling at - the Arabic arches, doors and furnitures screamed palatial luxe. My advice - wear something nice, and take photos before your dinner (if you decide to book) around the hotel. They even have Arabian nights at their hotel restaurant on Wednesdays - a buffet of mediterranean salads, grilled meat with some on a bed of rice ladened with saffron and other spices, and endless cheese offerings in true Arabic style. 


Fairmont Palm Hotel & Resort

We dropped by at Fairmont The Palm for a quick lunch and a walkabout, and boy, this hotel was beautiful! Their biggest suites are usually occupied by the rich and famous and it is facing the white sand beaches on the palm. Most guests here are foreigners who wants a little bit of fun at the sand and sea, and the standards are definitely top notch. The architecture is beautiful and was every bit of a beach resort that I'd hope to spend my holiday at with my family. 

If you're ever at Fairmont The Palm, do drop by at their Seagrill on 25 Restaurant and Lounge for some scrumptious Mediterranean meal and shisha after. One of the best meals I had in Dubai was here as the new menu were made fresh to order and it was bursting with flavors. 


The Last Exit

If you're driving in or out of Dubai, don't forget to also drop by at The Last Exit, a street food truck park currently open at three locations - E11 Sheikh Zayed Road, D63 Al Qudra and D89 Al Khawaneej. Imagine it as a rest stop area for you to freshen up and get some grub but get this, each location have different themes. One of the stops that they're currently building have a Mad Max steampunk theme throughout the entire area. It is a family friendly area - there are playgrounds for kids as well as places to sit around indoor and outdoors. The trucks even have a drive-thru option for those who just wants to buy food on-the-go.

There are many things to do in Dubai, even during summer where the temperature could go up to 40 degrees celcius. Dubai has options for both indoor and outdoor attractions. Click on the photo below to see more indoor attractions in Dubai for summer.

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