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Buying gifts have always been my forte cause I'd like to think that I always choose good gifts for most people. Maybe people have just been nice to say that they like it lol but regardless, the joy of giving is definitely a rush, especially to those who are closest to you. To see them smile, and their eyes light up when they open up a gift is a wonderful feeling.

It's probably a way to show your appreciation to someone once in a while. Mother's Day is definitely a good excuse to celebrate your mother annually. She's been there for you for every day in your life so buying a gift is a small thing. I've been trying to crack my head on gift options for my mum this year and I decided to have a look at Reebonz for their collection of designer items at a lower price than the ones in stores.

So what is Reebonz?

Reebonz is a site where they sell designer luxury items at a discounted price swim in a world of private sales as their deals are exclusive to members of Reebonz. They have a wide range of luxury goods - from handbags, accessories, shoes and even timepieces. Membership is free and open to anyone but to purchase, you would need to be a member first. You may read their FAQ here to find out more about their policies and system. Here is also a video to elaborate further on how to shop on

Anyways, that's not why I wrote this post. My objective was to give you ideas on items that might suit your mother, or even yourself if you're a mother. I definitely think mothers deserve to treat themselves too, complete with a pat on the back, and a wide smile for being mothers.

By the way, before I show you more photos, I just want to let you know that I'll be giving out RM78 online shopping credits for my readers at the end of this post! You're welcome! =P

I went through the site for their available items, and with my *ahem* decent knowledge on bags (cause I have a wardrobe full of them), I came up with different mom personalities and bags that might suit them. If you're interested to find out more about the bag, just click on the bag name below the photo.

Ok, shall we start?


Corporate moms would need bags that are both practical and professional looking. Size are usually large and colors are usually neutral or earth toned. Bright colors are fine, just make sure they're bold enough to make a statement. The bag has to convey one message: Sleek, stylish and serious.


Socialite moms are usually the glamourous moms, always seen at events with their bags that looks like a million dollars. Socialite moms are all about confidence, elegance and classic beauty. Clutches with ornaments are usually the best choices. Socialite moms are anything but frumpy thus elegant bags in palm-sizes are just perfect.


Casual moms are the easiest. They're fuss-free (although not entirely) and they usually go for comfort over style. But you have to make sure your mum does not compromise on style even when they go for more laid-back and comfortable looks. Totes are my go-to on casual days. They're usually big enough to fit my things in (including a diaper or two) and always look good with jeans and a blouse. Even my mom loves her totes.


Fashion moms are the kind of moms I'd like to be someday! Fashion moms are usually youths who found their fashion niche and KNOWS what they would look good in. This could also be a difficult thing as fashion moms might be a little fussy with their accessories and clothing. But if there's one thing that fashion moms cannot resist, it would be statement pieces that are either one-of-a-kind, or something that would turn heads.


However, if you're on a tight budget these items would be perfect and they're still designer items! =P

All bag availability are subject to event dates and their promotion period. For more items, please visit their website at

Okay, so as promised, I'm giving out RM78 online shopping credit on Reebonz and it will be granted to you if you register via this link:

It's never too late to buy a gift for mum, or you may keep it for her birthday instead. You can even pay some items BY INSTALLMENTS. Like, I'm not even kidding about that. 

Last thing, what category of mom do you think you fit in, or if you're not a mom yet, which one would you want to be? 

Leave me comments, I wanna read em!


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  1. Mother really love receiving this kind of bag.