Sephora: Urban Decay Naked Basics makeover

11:00 PM

I'm constantly on the lookout for makeup that would make my daily routine so much better, faster and fuss-free. However, the more makeup I have, the more time I spend on it, not to mention the space it acquires inside my handbag. As much as I try to bring the basics, I always end up bringing my whole bag with the excuse "just in case".

What if I need more items to complete my 'look'? In these cases, it's true that sometimes, we all need to go back to basics. I've always been a fan of Sephora. I've always been a bigger fan of Urban Decay makeup but I never had any solid reason to buy it but for vanity's sake. However, when the Naked Basics was introduced, I had a reason to try it and that, ladies and gentlemen, was pure poison. Once you go Naked, you'll never put anything else on. 

Sephora's makeup artist created an entire eye look for me using just the Basic palette that it was pretty impressive, considering that I have separate makeup for the eyes - eyeshadow, eyebrow fillers and eyeliner. Who knew that I could use any of these six basic shades to create a complete look and just top it off with mascara, powder and lip balm. If you're looking for fuss-free makeup for daily usage, I would definitely tell you that this is THE ONE.

In fact, I was so hooked that point8cam even bought me a complete set of the Naked Palette recently. The Naked Palette is RM179 and the Naked Basics are on the shelves for RM99. They're available at Sephora stores nationwide. 

Went Naked, and have not been putting anything else on so far.

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  1. B......... would love a bit of both but B is a good option since we youngsters/working ppl are always on the move and need some quick make up that is appropriate for all kinds of events. hehe

  2. Anonymous1:43 PM

    oh man thats the ardest decision ever i got to make.
    Both please. Maybe A first?

  3. B PLEASE................:-)

  4. Anonymous3:45 PM

    B B B...

  5. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Both pls !!

  6. B - Basic makeup to bring for traveling

  7. Anonymous10:57 PM


  8. both.hahaha. b is okay...