#VFN VIP Fashion Night and an Exclusive Interview with Jeannie Mai

12:14 PM

I do consider myself lucky sometimes, and is grateful for the things I receive even when I'm bleeping on-and-off the social radar. I know I haven't been pretty active, and my stats have slightly dropped but I try not to compromise the quality of my blogposts, even when the posts are just plainly filled with photos. I am grateful that I still get invites to events, and trips although I'm too busy to even reply at times.

One of the highlights of early 2013 was when I was flown to Singapore, again (I should consider Singapore as my second home by now) to attend the VIP Fashion Night in Marina Bay Sands and meet Jeannie Mai, an internationally known stylist and TV Host from The Style Network. Our three days and two nights journey were spent mostly in Marina Bay itself, as there were plenty of things to explore since the last time I was there. I'll be blogging about them soon thus this post will all be about the VIP Fashion Night at The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands and an exclusive interview with Jeannie Mai herself!

We gathered in the biggest suite in Marina Bay Sands, awaiting Jeannie's arrival, all anticipating the friendly scale of another world status celebrity but the person that greeted us walked in with so much enthusiasm and warmth, it felt like you're about to go for scones and tea with a girlfriend you haven't met in years. Her speech was filled with excitement, and considering that she's been working on the preparations for the event since early morning, you know this lady is one tough cookie.

We were expecting a very formal interview session with Jeannie and what went on was totally unexpected. She was very down-to-earth, eager to have conversations and are always interested to find out about things that goes around our own lives. Her good vibes were infectious and I'm guessing we were that close to start brushing each others' hair and start talking about boys instead. Instead of being given a chance of limited questions, Jeannie proposed that we have a more casual conversations where we could ask her anything, and she would ask us back in return.

I'll be editing the interview video with Jeannie Mai soon!

This would be The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands' fourth VIP Fashion Night to a global audience live. The event took place at the skating rink in April 2013, and it presented, for the very first time, a series of fashion forecasts, runway shows and a styling session by Jeannie Mai herself. All of these were streamed live via Google+ Hangout on Air, Youtube and throughout the mall itself. I know we, Malaysians are pretty new when it comes to Google+ Hangout but many major countries have been hosting shows, talks and events via the internet to successfully connect a few countries at one time. Google+ is a social networking site operated by Google, Inc. which allows users to create and join communities that focuses on common interests. 

That night itself we witnessed a conglomeration of fashion influencers and Youtube celebrities in FIVE different countries and time zones - LA, New York, Paris, Seoul and Singapore. Everyone gathered to talk about their favorite trends, upcoming ones and to celebrate a common love and interest in fashion. There was also a fashion showcase featuring the brands that are available in The Shoppes itself in different set of looks and trends. The main highlight of the show, however, was to witness the transformation of two winners via the contest hosted by The Shoppes and Jeannie Mai where they had a full head-to-toe makeover by Jeannie herself. 

Speaking of makeovers, maybe I should do one on my readers sometime this year =P

Anyways, I had fun at the event. It was tiring but Jeannie Mai's bubbly spirit was uplifting and I'm now officially a fan of hers. Enjoy these photos that I managed to snap for your viewing pleasure:

Thank you Marina Bay Sands!

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