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10:39 PM

I’ve been so busy co-running WhateverThereWas, my own blog and helping out my husband on some work that I’ve barely had time to pamper myself. The closest I get to pamper would be indulging on the couch in front of the television with ice cream! So I decided to join a one-night program of pampering session with a bunch of lovely ladies courtesy of Dove and talk about a common problem that most ladies have.

First up, I arrived at my hotel room and was welcomed with the latest Dove Hair Fall rescue products - exactly what I needed now that my hair is growing out and it drops more than usual and also a plate of fruits to keep things healthy.

Our first session was the highlight of my day, a head massage! Using Dove Hair Fall Rescue’s latest intensive hair tonic, the masseuse gave me a good massage and worked the products into my scalp. I loved the cooling sensation it gave and the scent was refreshing. 

We were then ushered into two sessions of workshops – first for image consultation and another for relationship talk. The first workshop, an image consultation had us breaking the ice by playing a game – we were supposed to say something nice to others by writing nice things on a paper stuck to their backs. That was a nice gesture seeing what others have to say about my appearance and me. All the ladies were smiling when they read the nice things a stranger wrote about them. 

We then were taught how to choose the best tones for our look by putting cloth pieces of different colors beneath our chin – it will highlight the best colors suited to your skin undertones. The relationship workshop on another hand, highlighted the importance of understanding your partners based on your own personality. I discovered and learned a few tips and tricks during the workshop so it was very nice of Dove to have all of us included in it. 

Our day then ended with a pillow talk session after dinner, hosted by local celebrity Nana Mahzan with a panel of guests such as Yasmin Hani, Sharifah Shahira, the two new Dove’s Real women championing the campaign, Suhainah and Shariffah. 

The purpose of this pampering session is to celebrate women and empower them through a series of 14-days challenge with Dove, and to introduce Dove’s new range of hair care – Dove Hair Fall Rescue System. The ambassadors, Suhainah and Shariffah Nadia who are real life bestfriends shared their problems with hairfall that lowered self-confidence, something that hits close to home with many women around the world. 

I, too, have my fair share of hair fall issues, especially when I try to grow them longer. I’m currently trying out this new Dove haircare and I am seeing great results myself. My hair is falling lesser than usual, and I hope to see good effects with the continuous usage of the shampoo and conditioner. The women in this workshop shared their stories on hair fall issues and I would like to hear from you too!

Since I’m trying out on this challenge campaign Dove Rambutmu, Mahkotamu ‘Serlahkan Diri Dalam 14 Hari Dengan Dove’ I’d love you to try it too! Just click on this link and have fun!

The Challenge will require you to complete one mission per day for two weeks, and there will be a digital video created for the submissions when it ends. If you decide to share it on your facebook, you might even win prizes from Dove! There are prizes worth up to RM20,000 to be won.

Lastly, don’t forget to watch Dove’s new advertisement featuring their two new ambassadors talking about their experience on hair fall and how they overcame it below.

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