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Sasa is pretty much a well-known store as the one-stop shop to get your beauty needs in Malaysia. There’s always so much to see in their stores and most of the time, a waiting significant other holds you back from actually spending time browsing for their products. However, one can’t deny that Sasa stores can be a treasure trove for interesting products that you might not know you would actually need! I swear at one time I found a product that could make your nipples pinker (who would’ve thought that it’d be part of a beauty product need?).

Anyway, to cut things short I received a huge box of items from Sasa Malaysia recently to try out and here are some of the items you should check out on your next visit to Sasa stores nationwide. Watch the video to see my first impressions while unboxing the gift below:

Neogence Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

I have to declare my love for deep pore clay masks right here and this is currently one of my top favorites. Neogence Deep Pore Cleansing Mask combines natural clay and charcoal powder that absorbs sebum, cleanses pores deeply for a cleaner, fresher skin. It is pretty straightforward to use, spreads easily and evenly over my face and dries off in no time! Look at the amount of oil absorbed by the mask on my nose! 

theBalm – Balm Appetit

I personally like theBalm Cosmetic products for its quirky packaging but honestly, this is the first time I actually swatched their products. I’ve heard rave reviews of their Matte Me lipsticks so I was hoping to not be disappointed with their eyeshadow palette. The colors are not hyper-pigmented but the color pay-off is enough and transfers well to my skin. This palette is not vivid, in fact it is very neutral and I could imagine how easy it is for beginners to use this in their daily lives – you’re able to create day to night eye looks with this palette. This would make a great gift for someone who loves a neutral look. The eye shadow stick was like a surprise bonus as I truly did not expect the color to be highly pigmented and it glides like butter. However, if you have oily lids I would recommend sticking to the powder eye shadows rather than the stick as it might crease from the oil production. These two products are easily blendable and buildable. Check out the swatch below!

Cloud9 Whitening Cream

Cloud 9’s whitening cream is the answer to create the perfect base for the Korean-inspired makeup look. It’s a double functional cosmetics and skincare – creating an even white-ish base as well as improves the appearance of wrinkles on your skin. The texture was amazing! It comes in a chunky pudding-like texture and it felt like I was scooping out a dollop of dessert with the spatula. It instantly made my skin whiter and brighter – great for those who wants that milky skin look to complement the Korean makeup style. 

Avance Lash Serum & Mascara in Serum

Avance is a well-known brand in Asia as it is widely sold in drugstores across Japan. It’s a medical hair-grower, specifically targeting the eyelash growth and production as well as preventing it from dropping out. These serums comes in non-mascara and mascara version contains active ingredient – d-panthenol (which promote emergence of lashes)​ and moisturizing agents carrot extract.chitin liquid to moisten the tips of the eyelashes to ensure a longer and thicker lashes. If you’re into curling your lashes or constantly doing eyelash extensions, you might want to try the serum as they will help lashes to become longer, stronger and prevent excessive dropping.

Daeng Gi Meo Ri Hair Care

Daeng Gi Meo Ri is a Korean brand that focuses on hair care and I received four items for four steps to vitalize my hair – shampoo, treatment, and nutrition hair pack and hair essence. Each of these products are packed with herbs (each has different herbs and functions) to vitalize your hair. They nourish the hair and scalp; some even supply moisture to dry hair and protecting it from UV damage. It helps prevent frizz in dry hair by creating a moisture film over the hair for a healthier and more beautiful hair. 

Collistar Pure Actives Anticellulite Capsules

This Italian made product was not as expensive as I thought it would be, retailing at RM189, it is an affordable product – a new frontier at dermo cosmetic research that fights against cellulite blemishes. Collistar is known to be at the cutting-edge of cosmetic research and this product is a treatment that combines two most effective anti-cellulite ingredients in a single dose capsule. The fat burning properties of caffeine and the draining capacity of Escin works together to prevent and work to reduce the look of cellulites on the skin. They are in their purest form which means there’s no water, preservatives, fragrance, alcohol or colouring in it. I don’t really have cellulites but I would definitely be trying this product to reduce some of the stretch marks I have the inner corner of my thighs. 

Dr. G Brightening Up Sun SPF 42 PA+++

As I’m turning 30 this year, I’m finally seeing the sign of sun damage on my skin and I would definitely recommend those who are still much younger to start using sun care products to prevent your skin from sun exposure. This product not only protects your skin from harmful rays, it also evens out your skin tone and controls sebum productions sans the stickiness. It feels like on the skin, spread evenly without any residue and it also helps maintain your makeup and creates a smoother finish. Use this a base before applying makeup and to create a more radiant look while making sure your skin protection game is on point. 

ARTDECO Most Wanted Contouring Palette

For those who are just starting out makeup, I would personally recommend powder form of contouring – this creates a more natural look and you can build on the layers if needed. This limited Most Wanted Contouring palette contains 6 shades to contours, highlight, strobe and blush. There are three contouring shades so you can use it whenever your skin tone changes i.e tanned from a holiday. The texture is very nice – the powders are finely milled and soft which makes blending easier and it creates a natural, healthy glow on any complexion.

Chosungah22 Dong Gong Minn Pen Liner & Brow Maker

This unique brow tinted gel is formulated to match all hair colours without fading, which means you could be having any hair color from blonde to black and the eyebrow gel would still be applicable to tame and lock hairs into place. The brush wand is well designed as includes a brush and sponge tip – one to brush on the eyebrow hair and one to fill in the sparse areas of your eyebrow. It is waterproof and set to last the entire day without smudging. Also check out their pen liner for a travel friendly daily eyeliner.

Prima Age Remover

I’ve also noticed the rise of anti-ageing primer in the market lately and one contender is this Prima Age Remover that works to reduce the appearance of dark circles, and facial wrinkles. It also targets to tighen the under eye area with continuous usage. This product comes in a clickable pen form that dispenses a type of liquid that acts like a cement putty. It fills up the cracks in your skin and creates a smoother base for your makeup. The liquid is also orange in color and it cancels out the blue undertones of dark circles which makes it great as a color corrector. Try this out as a base to remove fine lines around the eye area before applying makeup.

Slinky Touch Hair Remover Cream and Smoothing Body Milk

If you’re not into using razor to remove body hair like me, you’d like this Slinky Touch Hair Remover Cream. It is simple to use, the texture is light and it is gentle on the skin. It keeps skin smoother than using razor and the white rose scent is gentle on the nose compared to other products in the market that has a strong chemical scent. One the hair is removed, spread on the smoothing body milk after shower and as a daily body moisturizer. 

Are there any products from here that you would try? I hope this blogpost was useful to highlight some of the products that are available in Sa Sa Malaysia stores and leave a comment as I’d love to know what you think about these items.

View these and more items on the links below:

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