What Sunblock Does to Your Skin & CC Cream Review from Sephora

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I'm a sun worshipper - I love being under the sun, and I prefer to be in tropical heath weather. Give me the beach any time and I'll be happy to just soak under the sun with a long nap and a tanning oil on my hand. I know the sun UV rays are harmful to my skin, but I have to admit I'm taking it granted right now as I have not seen any visible signs of ageing yet (except my skin drying out compared to a few years back). I've also noticed sometime last week that my mole count has increased (it worried me a little since it is linked to skin cancer). What killed me this morning was a video by Thomas Leveritt, How The Sun Sees You.

Instead of showing the effects of sun on the skin throughout time (which isn't really effective, to be honest) he showed the current condition of skin under ultraviolet cameras, and how it looks like when sunblock is applied to the skin. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the turning point in which I took out my stash of tinted moisturisers from Sephora and tried them on to see which would be my daily partner from now on. I used to wear tinted moisturisers when I was younger, but as I grew up I totally neglected wearing any skin protection altogether! Since my skin is considered on the fairer side for an Asian, I totally get why I would need sunscreen since my Melanin count is lower than someone with darker skin. Now you don't just need to moisturise your skin, you also need to protect it with sunscreen to slow the ageing process! Since I'm not a big fan of thick traditional sunblocks (they clog up my pores and make me breakout) I'm trying on these three tinted moisturisers with SPF20-30 that I got from Sephora Malaysia

tarte BB tinted treatment 12-hour primer SPF30 sunscreen, broad spectrum
- can be used alone or underneath a foundation to enhance coverage. oil-free, minimises pore, brightens skin and acts as a base for your makeup.

Sephora CC Care+Color SPF20 sunscreen.
- Universal shade fits all skin tone, moisturises and evens skin tone, wear alone or as makeup base.

Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream broad spectrum SPF30 Complexion Corrector.
- anti-aging sunscreen, complexion xorrector and tint in one. Helps protect, brighten and moisturise skin.

Upon application on skin I noticed the differences in each product instantly. (The product was not applied in order as the photo):

Thickness: Tarte has the thickest consistency, almost like a heavy foundation followed by Sephora's which has more of the sunblock consistency. Lightest would be Peter Thomas Roth. 

Pigments: Sephora's has the least colour while Tarte's is the most pigmented (hence there might not be a need to wear foundation on top).

Finishing: Tarte has a velvety finish, dries a little slow compared to Peter Thomas Roth's which glides evenly, sets fast into the skin and has the most even finishing. 

Scent (nearest to sunblock smell): Sephora is the one closest to sunblock smell, tarte comes in second while Peter Thomas Roth has the lightest scent. 

Based on the tests above, I've decided that Peter Thomas Roth is my daily choice. I hope I keep this up regularly *makes swear sign* and I will take care of my skin better. I've already started by cleansing regularly and eating more fruits, vegetables and drinking water so this sunscreen would be the next step to better skin. 

All products are available at Sephora Malaysia outlets.

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  1. Waoh..good info.
    Peter thomas roth will be my next daily sunscreen...