Leighton Meester Revealed as the New Biotherm Global Brand Ambassadress

12:15 AM

As this post is published, I'm already halfway packing for my early morning flight to Shanghai, China to meet and interview Leighton Meester as the new face of Biotherm. It is such an honour to be flown all the way across the sea to meet yet another A-class celebrity and be in the presence of world media, together with our own. Biotherm, a renowned skincare brand has chosen Leighton Meester, well-known for as Blair Waldorf in the hit series Gossip Girls as their latest global brand ambassador. 

Patrick Kullenberg, Biotherm's International Brand Manager said that Leighton Meester is the face of a generation - a young icon with natural talent, energy and beauty and I couldn't agree more with their choice. The brand, according to Meester is constantly evolving to modern times. Meester will debut as Biotherm's new global ambassadress in the next face care campaigns in early 2014, including the iconic Aquasource. 

I've switched my skincare set to the Aquasource to see what the hype is about, and I was amazed by it. Having sensitive skin, especially in Malaysia's hot and humid weather does not allow me to switch brands rapidly or I will suffer from breakouts, dull skin and extreme combination skin effect. However, Biotherm's Aquasource skincare set had little to no bad effect on my skin. In fact, my skin is more supple, hydrated and feels fresh all day long. My makeup lasted longer than usual as my skin does not have extreme reaction to change in temperature and weather. If you have sensitive skin, I would definitely recommend the Aquasource range. Go to a Biotherm counter to find out more and get professional advice. 

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  1. omg hanie!!!! i adore sgt dia dlm gossip girl...please ambil gambar banyak banyak banyak n share kt dlm blog,instagram n FB pleaseeeeeeeee....i'm begging you.....