Ad: Uniqlo Online now available in Malaysia.

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Shopping online is inevitable in our current world. With the advancement of technology, logistics and the flourishing online retail market, more and more brick and mortar shops are joining the world wide web army and offers online shopping – Uniqlo is the latest one to be included in this alumni.

Uniqlo, one of my favourite Japanese retail brand with their great basics and clothes that are practical and stylish are a great addition to my extensive list of retailers to shop from. With them being available online, it is now more convenient for me to just order some clothes and wait for them to arrive within a few days while I work or run errands. I rarely have time to drop by the malls to get my essentials nowadays so I went rampant on the site, adding things into my “shopping cart” like a true shopaholic that I am.

Shopping online via Uniqlo’s website is not any different from other websites. It’s simple, fast and handy especially when I need my usual basic items before I’m traveling. First things first, as usual you will have to create an account via their site. Just register your basic information and you will receive a confirmation email to activate your account. Once you’re logged in, you may now start the fun side by browsing their latest collection.

1 – fill in your details as per required to create an account.

2 – log into the website once you are done with registration and start browsing the site.

3 – click on an item, and browse through multiple colors, patterns and photos of the item.

If you’re familiar with Uniqlo’s sizing, you’re pretty much set. If not, there’s always the measurements chart for you to get your sizes right. Some of the items or colors are only available via their website so it’s a great selection if you don’t see the ones you like at the stores.

4 – Check out other photos of the item to see a 360 degrees view and close up to make sure you’re okay with the details. Add items to your cart to purchase them.

5 – Once you’re done with adding things into the cart, click on the ‘shopping bag’ option to check out.

Uniqlo’s cart are pretty impressive. They show you all the important details of your choice within a table so you can double check to see if you’ve picked the right items. The only downside is that only credit/debit card payments are accepted at the current moment but I’m expecting more payment options to be available in the future.
My parcel arrived within two days after ordering them and I absolutely love them. I’m such a sucker for online shopping and with Uniqlo being available online it’s definitely bookmarked in my online stores list.

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