K-Beauty Korean Makeup Tutorial with Bobbi Brown

4:30 PM

About two months back, Bobbi Brown Malaysia flew in Claudia Kim, their new face for Bobbi Brown Asia and with that, they were promoting K-Beauty style makeup throughout their campaign. K-Beauty, also known as Korean beauty is a trend of youthful, natural glow that is popular amongst Korean ladies worldwide. Their focus is not on heavy layers of makeup, rather to enhance the natural beauty of the person instead. I personally am influenced by Western style makeup where contouring is worshipped more than just putting on basics and using makeup is to change one's aesthetics from a plain jane to a glam goddess. 

Having Cho Hee from Bobbi Brown Korea was a delight. She's a gentle and beautiful lady who explained the process thoroughly so I understood the difference between Western and Korean makeup aesthetics. It is much lighter and it focuses on enhancing one's features using a little bit of skill and natural shades which would be wearable daily. 

I'd like to thank Bobbi Brown Malaysia for hooking me up with their Korean counterpart, it's been awesome and I'd like to know what do you like about the video!

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