Session One with The Lifestyle Clinic

4:30 PM

The moment I sat down on the dentist-like chair, I was asked the million-dollar question, "What do you not like about your face?". It didn't take me that long to think of my answer cause I'm very aware of what I do not like about my face - everything! I guess it's not unusual for Dr Alan to hear all the complaints from other women like me. Living in a very demanding aesthetic world now have turned us into scrutinising every bit of our being, from the uneven skin to our body shape and weight. 

People often shout about loving yourself, but how can one love yourself when all they see are comparisons with another better looking person? Out of the never-ending list I told Dr Alan that I'd love to change on my face, he pointed out only the smallest things. It made me feel better to know that I don't need to pull a travolta-cage face-off to look much better. 

"Just enhancing your skin with laser treatment, maybe the chin and removing the mole if you'd like?", he said. 

Of course I naturally added a little bit more about the non-existence of protruding cheekbones to the equation. I'm personally very neutral to plastic surgery and aesthetic enhancements and I believe that if it makes your life easier in the long-run, why not? I would definitely consider minor non-invasive procedures if it means getting me extra minutes in the morning that I do not have to 'enhance' my face with cosmetics. And it helps to have chiselled and proportionate features so you use less makeup on a daily basis. 

Dr Alan is a very patient and knowledgeable person. He took his precious time to explain to me different laser types, and how it works so I know and understand what it does. It's not my first time doing a laser treatment but understanding the science to it helps me think about how my skin works and what I do to it daily. I told him about my skin being bumpy - not the rash bumpy but the skin feels a little unnatural. He examined it under the big light, and pointed out about the redness. 

"I use a clarisonic brush, maybe it aggravated my skin? But it wasn't like this the first year I've been using it". Okay, to be fair to Clarisonic my skin was not this bad until my husband decided to change our sensitive brush to a normal skin brush which clearly did not work well. 

He suggested that I stop using the cleansing brush for a while to see the difference, and that I should go for a mild MedLite C6 laser treatment right after to improve my skin condition. I love the fact that he's honest with his work, explaining to me that the laser is not a whitening solution (p.s. your face seems fairer after because the hair follicles on your face have been stripped off their melanin). My skin condition has improved after I followed Dr Alan's advice and treatment so far. 

It'll take a while, and a few treatments to see the difference (Dr Alan does laser on one of his hand to practice and also show the difference you'd get with the treatment compared to his other hand and it is vast!) but I have a feeling I'll keep coming back. He writes on his website HERE and it's very educational for those who are in the dark about beauty enhancements. First rule of thumb - NEVER go to an untrained beautician to do surgical procedures. 

Here are some of the interesting treatments that they offer in the clinic that caught my eyes that I think you should check out too!:

- Fat Transfer: transfer fats from one part of the body to another part (yes, that is possible)
- Vagina Rejuvenation: I probably laughed a little harder than I should cause maybe I'd need this after three kids?
- Water-jet body sculpting: yes, sounds like a jaccuzi session.
Meso-Lipo Shot & Program - to dissolve excess stubborn fats no matter how much you work out and diet.

They're currently having a promotion for their treatments now and they have plenty so check out their links below:

Contact: 012-3330480
Address30, Jalan PJU 5/20D, The Strand,, Kota Damansara,, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

'Til the next session!


About Dr Alan Wong

Dr. Alan achieved his basic medical degree, MBBS, in 2006. Thereafter, he served with the government in the field of Surgery till 2010. Prior to receiving training in Korea, he studied in the field of fats at Belogna, Italy.

He obtained his Diploma in Dermatology, Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine and, Masters in Botox and Fillers, Masters in Platelet Rich Plasma, Masters in Liposuction and Fat Transfer and Masters in Hair Transplant.

He was practicing in Korea in the field of Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine for a year and returns from Korea after been sought after to practice at The LifeStyle Clinic at Kota Damansara. He has been practising at The LifeStyle Clinic since November 2011.

Dr Alan is a trainer for thread lift and appointed speaker for dermal filler at medical conferences.

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