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This photo summed up one fateful evening I had in 2012 while I was on the way home from work. In broad day light, two men tried to break my passenger window while my car was stationary at the traffic light near Publika. I was lucky to have security tinting that foiled their attempt but there are plenty others who were not so lucky and probably have gotten injured from incidents such as this one. Even snatch theft cases was highlighted in the news so much that most women in Kuala Lumpur felt like they could be victims at any time.

AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad recently launched 'AXA Motor For Her', a complete car insurance plan specially for female drivers! This is the first insurance plan designed for the convenience and safety needs of women drivers and caters these services:

Free Ride To Their Next Destination

At the scene of accident or breakdown, the policy holders will be offered a free ride to ensure they arrive safely and with minimal delay to the next destination. 

Cars Delivered to Doorstep

Once the policy holder's car is repaired, they can have it delivered to their house or anywhere to give a hassle-free experience and minimise inconveniences of getting public transportation to the workshop.

Car Window Snatch Theft Cover

Policy holders gets this coverage as an exclusive benefit when they take up Driver Passenger Personal Accident (DPPA) insurance with their car insurance plan. It covers losses up to RM500 suffered as a result from window snatch theft.

Free Towing Service

Provided by AXA's panel workshops in the event of accident or breakdown and AXA's panel workshop staff may assist and guide the insured to make a police report in the event on an accident. 

In conjunction with the launch of AXA's Motor For Her, AXA Affin GI hosted a personal growth and safety event in which they invited me to. It was a seminar catered for women and focuses on entrepreneurship and safety in public. Prominent speakers included Ms Low Ngai Yuen, President of WOMENgirls and kakiseni who spoke on female entrepreneurship, personal growth and development. I learned that women should not be defined by what society expect of us, but rather we set our own definition of success and happiness. 

There was also a Personal Safety for Women demo by Mr Eddie Lim, Malaysian Taekwando Gold medalist in Vietnam 2003 SEA Games who showed us training demonstrations in events of emergencies or threat using daily items (car keys, umbrellas) as well as safety tips on avoiding danger. 

As a woman, and also a window snatch theft victim I find that this insurance policy is a great addition to my current vehicle insurance policy. We should always be vigilant and aware of our surroundings to ensure safety and comfort.

Visit their website for more information.

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