Ivy Park Launches in Topshop Malaysia 15 April 2016

11:40 AM

Beyonce and Topshop has joined the activewear bandwagon by partnering to create IVY PARK inspired by modern performance wear that looks good and functional on and off the field. Queen Bey certainly got the beehive buzzing when she announced this brand. With the joint venture with Topshop and the Arcadia Group, IVY PARK is made accessible at Topshop stores worldwide. They spent six months developing the fabric to perfect the right materials yet maintain the fashion aspect of the line - Beyonce even spent her time signing off every single piece and made sure it's the right fit and it works. 

IVY PARK will launch in Topshop Malaysia this 15 April 2016 so drop by the selected* stores to check out the pieces!

*selected stores will be announced soon

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