Makeup Forever Aqua XL Launch Party

5:05 PM

Let me be honest, it's quite difficult to keep my makeup to stay in this tropical weather. My foundation fades while my eyeliner smears within the hour while everything else melts like butter on my oily skin. Unlike when in dry, four-season countries I hardly could manage to keep myself together in the heat let alone keep my makeup looking flawless. It's a struggle and also very high maintenance. 

I can't imagine being an actor, performer, anyone who is constantly in the public eye and the constant need to look presentable. It's kind of lovely being able to sit down in my air-conditioned office while my hair is knotted in a high bun and my face is bare but when I need to, I could hardly apply makeup and not end up looking like I just walked out of the sauna. 

This is when Makeup Forever Aqua range comes in. I've personally used their liquid eyeliner as it endures the times when I know I need something heavy duty and long-lasting. Heck, even our national synchronised swimmers are using Makeup Forever's Aqua range for their performances. Makeup Forever invited me to a pool party recently that happened at KL Journal Hotel to unveil their new face, Charli XCX. As a performer who is constantly under the spotlight, Charli XCX is the perfect personality to represent the brand. Her energetic music and funky look are aligned with the branding of this performance makeup. Check out the photos below from the party.

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