Mother's Day with Buro247Malaysia and SKII (VLOG)

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Mother's Day edition of SKII's Facial Treatment Essence

 Dress: Primark | Heels: ASOS | Bag: H&M

I remember growing up, spending Mother's Day meant self-made cards and plenty of kisses for my mother. Celebrations of any kind is not a big thing in my family as we're told to keep it simple and appreciate one another in our own way (read: spending as little money as possible). When Buro247Malaysia invited my mother and I to a hi-tea party with SKII at Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, I thought that it'll be great to spend time with my mother in a different way, while she gets to see a gist of what I do for a living. 

We were ushered to their lounge - classical music playing in the background, English tea setup and some knick knacks prepared for us on the table. We don't usually go for tea, unless we are traveling cause that's just an excuse to take a break from the immense amount of walking. My mother and I were never close growing up, I'm more of my daddy's girl but sitting here with my mother I'm reminded of the times when I should have been spending time talking to her. My mother came from a very different background than I did, and we have so little in common but she is my mother after all. It is nice to be able to have a private space to just talk about things like life, marriage, children and much more over a calming cup of Ritz house blend tea.

There was a stack of cards, with a series of questions for both mother and daughter at the table and we took turns asking questions. My mother was pretty cool with me vlogging the entire time and I think she had fun spending time with her most rebellious child. I believe I was not a very difficult child but I'm sure she had some tough times taking care of me while I was growing up. The questions and answers were very interesting, as it showed that there are some things I don't know about my mother while at the same time know her enough to expect some answers. This confirms that I need to spend more time with my mother, and get to know her as we both grow older. 

One of the biggest lessons in life that my mother has taught me is to take care of myself, no matter what our surroundings might be. Probably it is why she still looks youthful for a woman who has reached her 50s. I hope I'll grow up to have some qualities from my mother, and be a better woman than she is as every parent would want their kids to be better than them and that goes on with every generation. Thank you Buro247Malaysia and SKII for having my mother and I and showering us with wonderful food, origami lessons and gifts. I'm sure my mother have enjoyed them.

Watch my vlog:

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