Pampering Me Time with NIVEA Skin Delight

11:00 PM

I'm always busy working on my blog or traveling that I hardly have any ME time to myself. Whenever I can, I try to treat myself to some things that could help me relax and at the same time pamper my skin and my mind. These are the three favorite things I usually do from time to time as a treat after a long day’s work:

Music and Reading Therapy

I love putting on a good record on my player, curl up with a good book after a hot bath and lathering on NIVEA Skin Delight to moisturize my skin. There’s nothing better than feeling fresh, pampered and relaxed before having some time off work.  I love to indulge all my senses with applying this new NIVEA Skin Delight all over my body. Enriched with nourishing body milk, caring oil and floral scentit leaves my skin feeling irresistibly silky soft, and smelling great with the long-lasting fragrance. To top it off, I light up a candle or an incense stick to create a calming atmosphere.

Catch Up on Movies and Tv Shows

I love to spend my time catching up on a tv series or a good movie. We hardly go out to the cinema anymore so I get to spend some time on my couch just browsing through endless screen choices armed with a tub of good ice-cream and NIVEA Skin Delight. I apply the lotion on any dry areas, and feel so loved and cared for when my skin feels soft and supple with the feminine rose fragrance.

Plan a Holiday

Nothing excites me other than planning my next holiday. Whenever I have the time I try to sit down and read travel journals, blogposts or a book and plan my next adventure and holiday. Since I sit in an air-conditioned room most of the day, NIVEA’s Skin Delight helps me maintain my skin to be soft and smooth and prevent dryness with all the hand-written journals I’d be doing. What makes this session better would be my favorite piece of dark chocolate with sea salt and some chai tea. I love the delicate lavender scent helps to relax my senses while I am doing the planning.

As I’ve shared with you my top favorite things to do to pamper myself, I’d love to hear what are YOUR FAVORITE PAMPERING TIPS that you do to chill and relax for your ‘me’ time.  Leave a comment below!


NIVEA Skin Delight nourishes and smoothens your skin while leaving it silky soft with a long-lasting fragrance. Use it while at work to help de-stress or even before you sleep to help you relax into slumberland. Massage all over your body in gentle circular motions as the non-sticky formula leaves you feeling feminine (Glowing Rose) or relaxed (Relaxing Lavender). Indulge in this sensual feeling with the 250ml (Intro price RM11.90 – RRP RM16.50) or 400ml (Intro price RM17.50 – RRP RM21.90)

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