The Cetaphil Experience 2016 in Karma Kandara, Bali

10:30 PM

The Cetaphil Experience is a one-of-a-kind skin retreat like no other. Women from all over Southeast Asia gathers for a weekend in tropical paradise and aspires to emerge as better versions of themselves after being rejuvenated via the mind, body and soul. This year, Cetaphil hosts The Cetaphil Experience for the second time in Karma Kandara resort in Bali with workshops hosted by Skin Experts, spa treatments, bonding sessions as participants are introduced to a world of skin health and confidence.

We arrived in Karma Kandara and were greeted by other beautiful women from all over Southeast Asia over a welcome activity where everyone shared their skin insecurities and doubts as everyone ­started to bond over similar issues and feelings. We were then ushered for a walkthrough of the resort grounds and got to see the beautiful villas, spas, bungalows and much more. Karma Kandara is not only situated in Uluwatu for the beautiful view.

According to Feng Shui, the art of energy (Qi), Karma Kandara’s location provides powers of healing and good fortune. Even the Karma Spa Kandara offers to pamper guests via their open-air platform as they indulge you with their award-winning services that includes Infrared Detox Sauna and Himalayan Crystal Salt Pool to name a few.

I definitely felt very lucky that I was a part of this experiential retreat as it was more than just a getaway. Cetaphil organized workshops throughout the weekend especially for us and I learned so much from these workshops that I practice and apply to my daily routine now. I even made so many new friends throughout the workshop!

One of my favorite workshops was about busting skin myths. We have been taught and told about certain skin routine myths – through traditional word-of-mouth and by the media that there’s certain stereotypes and myths when it comes to skin and skincare. I was told that my 8-step skincare routine was OTT for my combination skin type. I used to think that I needed to maximize the amount of steps in order to reap the benefits but little did I know that a simple cleansing, moisturize and protect on a daily basis is enough to keep my skin at an optimum.

All the activities set out by Cetaphil over the 3 day period were to address our skin issues as women living in the humid and hot topical weather of Southeast Asia and I couldn’t be more grateful to feel like I’m not the only one who is facing these issues on a daily basis. For someone who grew up with less than perfect skin coupled with the stress of urban living, taking care of my skin feels like a chore and sometimes no matter how diligent I am my skin just reacts badly to unknown factors. The Cetaphil workshops taught me to be confident in my own skin while at the same time try to improve the condition with good skin care products and a basic routine that works other than over-processing my skin.

I’ve been using Cetaphil ever since I stumbled upon it in America and it’s been one of the best skin products I’ve tried and it suits all skin types. I personally felt like it has helped me improve my skin condition by miles through understanding my skin, product ingredients and why dermatologists recommend Cetaphil via the workshops conducted. I hope Cetaphil would continue doing this annually if not more often as I feel that more people should experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I can’t thank them enough for letting me be a part of this wonderful experience and I hope you will be able to be a part of this too.

If there is one advice I could share with you after this experience is, Less is More!

That’s not all, I’ll be sharing more pictures and some exclusive videos of the 4-days skin retreat on my social channels, so stay tuned for that.

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