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What if I told you that contact lenses were not supposed to be uncomfortable, would you believe me? For those who have tried wearing contact lenses, discomfort, sharp pain or irritated eyes are a norm and these people are considered as “silent sufferers”. This could be due to outside irritants or the lenses itself. Alcon has recently introduced a new technology of contact lenses that promises a different level of comfort like no other. 

From a survey conducted, 46% Malaysian consumers reported dryness or discomfort while wearing contact lenses and 53% felt their lenses were dry at the end of the day. What’s disturbing is that less than a quarter of these wearers actually speak out on the problem hence the term “silent sufferers”. This will soon be a thing of the past as Alcon introduces a breakthrough in contact lens technology after 40 years of advances with its latest innovation – DAILIES TOTAL 1®.

DAILIES TOTAL 1® is superior in breathability (up to 6x more than leading daily disposable lens in the market) and also in lubricity. Its groundbreaking water gradient technology (the first & only in the world) allowed the lenses to be developed with nearly 100% water at the outer surface, creating a silky-smooth surface that provides a cushion comfort that lasts til the end of the day. 

Most contact lenses are comfortable once you put them on but the true test is to see whether the same level of comfort can last throughout the day until it's time to take them off. I was a skeptic - having worn contact lenses for more than 10 years, I feel like I have never found any contact lenses that I would enjoy wearing but they became such a necessity that I have to just keep on wearing them.

Ever since I tried on the 5-day trial pack (you can get a trial pack with consultation from retailers that carries Alcon products), my life changed. I would find myself skipping my colored contacts for the clear ones and sacrificed the aesthetics for comfort! It has lasted me through late-nights, overseas trips and more as I need to be out and about for long periods of time. I find myself using less eye drops which is something I depended on previously. Little did I know small changes like this would completely change my life. I am no longer in discomfort throughout the day, I no longer prepare for the worst at the end of the day and I no longer dread the process of wearing contact lenses.

I was part of the chosen “Friends of Alcon” that got to share my DT1 experience on stage with other celebrities - Thanuja Ananthan, Tong Bing Yu and also Sherson Lian at the press launch and boy, did we have a lot to say as this was a great change in our lives. I would highly recommend other contact lens user (and those who wish to try transition from glasses to contact lenses) to skip the rest and go straight to the DAILIES TOTAL 1® as nothing comes close to this.

Visit your nearest optical Alcon dealer today to get the 5-day trial pack. There's currently an on-going introductory offer on the DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses where RM20 is taken off every pack until 31st Dec 2016 only so it's best to stock up on it! Don't forget to visit the links below for more information:

List of Alcon dealers in Malaysia

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