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Since I came back from The Cetaphil Experience trip in Karma Kandara, Bali I have been trying out different Cetaphil products for my daily and also sun protection usage. So far, everything seems fine and some products, which I will mention below, are exceptionally great! It also helped that I learned a few tips ad tricks during the workshops, especially busting myths about skincare and routine which were helpful. Here are some of my favorite mythbusters and also Cetaphil products from the all-new Cetaphil range:

MYTH: Does My Cleanser Need To Foam To Be Effective

This facial wash is gentle for daily usage especially for sensitive skin and it does not leave my skin dry and cause redness. I have personally been using this since early last year on my trip to California and New York where the weather is dry and I love it. It is not drying nor does it leave a sticky residue. The only thing is the minimal sud build-up takes a while to get used to as I was used to foamy cleansers. However, we learnt during the workshops that you don’t need your cleansers to be foamy for it to be effective on the skin. Watch the mythbusting video below.

MYTH: Your Skin Will Adapt To A Product So It Stops Working

Some might notice that after using certain products, your skin adapts to it and somehow it feels like it stopped working. However, that is not true. Yes, your skin adapts to it but it also means that the product is working well with your skin thus there are no apparent reactions upon application. For instance, using Cetaphil moisturisers for first timers would feel different than those who have been using it for a while. When your skin is dry, it might seem like the product is working, but after a while, the visible results will seem to be lesser but this is because your skin is already supple and moisturized from continuous usage of the moisturizer. It also helps that the Cetaphil moisturisers are not oily and it absorbs well into the skin. I personally prefer using the lotion as the formula is lighter but for drier weather I am inclined towards heavier cream textures. The Cetaphil moisturizers are good for any skin type and are not irritating to the skin.

Myth: The Higher The SPF, The Better The Protection

Ever heard of the term “The higher the heels, the closer to God”? Now we all know that’s not true (jokes, of course) but as embarrassing as it is to admit, I have to say that I used to think higher SPFs would mean higher protection. Since the workshop at The Cetaphil Experience, I have learnt that you need protection for your skin against harmful rays outdoors and also indoors! The lights indoors also emit UV rays! SPF 30 is enough for any activities, provided you constantly apply it as you go about your daily activities.

I have personally tried the Cetaphil sun protection range and I love that it is not overly sticky with the standard strong, sunblock scent that we all love to hate. The Daylong After Sun repair works much better than my usual aloe vera gel as it helps soothe the sunburn for my crew and I during our recent shoot at the beach. I wish I had stumbled upon this sooner! Watch the video below to find out more about sun protection myths.

What are the skin myths that you’ve heard before? Please share with me in the comment box below. And don’t forget to check out more videos from Cetaphil Malaysia on their Facebook page and be a part of the Cetaphil Experience yourself via the videos and you could also win some prizes!

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