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To be honest, I’m exposed to the sun on a daily basis, no matter if I’m in town or while traveling around. My work requires me to go out and meet clients, be under the sun for shoots as well as driving around and have my arms exposed as well. As much as I try to use sun protection, I’m not a big fan of the texture and the smell. It is usually thick and leaves my skin feeling sticky and oily all the time, especially in Malaysia’s hot and humid weather so I keep skipping this part within my skin care regimen. As a result, I’m left with tanned, patchy and dry skin. 

NIVEA recently introduced its NEW NIVEA EXTRA WHITE SPF30 which provides the highest SPF protection against daily sun damage. This high SPF lotion comes with a lightweight, non-sticky formula just like feathers while protecting your skin. 

It absorbs really fast upon massaging all over my skin in circular motion and does not leave an oily residue. Besides that, it helps to repair uneven skin tone with 50x Vitamin C to achieve fairer skin even under the sun. 

I have tried quite a number of whitening lotions with SPF in the market but this one gives me the lightest feeling by far! It is as light as a feather, and I like that feeling so I don’t feel uncomfortable as it does not stick to clothing material and leaves a residue. My skin feels protected, hydrated and light. 

For those who wish to have radiant, brighter-looking skin, NIVEA has also launched another new variant – Nutri White Body Lotion, which contains Nutri-White10 formula that provides skin nutrients to nourish skin. It helps to protect skin from harsh environments such as sun exposure, UV rays and also air-conditioning.

After trying NIVEA EXTRA WHITE SPF30 for a few days I can say that I quite enjoy using this product. Not only that it keeps my skin protected from the sun, it also hydrates my skin on a daily basis while I’m out and keep it supple and feeling fresh with the non-sticky formula. At a very affordable price (100ml -RM10.50, 200ml - RM18.90, 350ml - RM25.30), this is a great addition to my current skin care routine. Now I worry less about having uneven or dull skin due to sun damage. I can now enjoy my time going out and doing my usual routine under the sun, but still have fairer skin with NIVEA Extra White SPF30! Grab it now at the nearest pharmacy around you! 

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