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As the years pass and the cotton bralette became a trend, I too have caught on and found how comfortable and convenient it is to own a few, especially when traveling. Not only that it saves space, it is easy to clean compared to padded bras and I am able to wear a lot of things with the beautiful designs peeking through. However, little did I know this trend would cost me a bit more than I expected. Growing up with thick, padded push-up bras I never felt I should be worried about my body figure. As I grow older, however, my bust starts to give in to gravity due to these bralettes and the habit of going braless at home. As Dr Michael Edwards said, “The more your boobs bounce around, the more stressed breast skin and collagen become” and this gets more apparent as age catches on. 

As much as I am comfortable with my body shape, I too want to maintain and keep it as youthful as possible especially since I love fashion and certain skin-revealing outfits. Unfortunately, there’s only so much I can do and thick padded bras and I are never gonna be best friends. Even the thought of having to use firming cream on a daily basis sounds like a chore to me. 

I have scouted the market for collagen powders for a while now and thought of trying out NANO HYALURON & COLLAGEN as a start. I opted for the powder form instead of drinks, as it is easier to find in the market, not as tedious to bring around especially while traveling and far better to store too. I’m also very, very picky with flavors so having liquid type collagen would mean that they’re already flavored, and they might contain sugar (which is what I try to avoid daily) and that might cause Glycation - a reaction when sugar comes in contact with isolated active ingredient (collagen) that will cause accelerated ageing process once an individual stops the consumption. This is called the ‘rebound effect’. Plus, sugar is just bad for your skin!

NANO HYALURON & COLLAGEN is pretty easy to be consumed. I add it to my drinks – pink lemonade, tea, milo and so on. It gives an added milky yoghurt-based taste to my drinks. You can add it to any of your favorite drinks that you consume daily and it is also great with nestum. Top tip – add it to your milk for your daily cereal in the morning! Just make sure you don’t put it in alcoholic (lol) or soy-based drinks because it might cause you to gain weight instead.

But wait, everyone knows about collagen and how it is good for the skin but not everyone knows what is collagen and what does it do to the body. Collagen is a part of the connective tissue that in the skin helps in firmness, suppleness and constant renewal of skin cells and it is vital for skin elasticity. As we age, collagen production reduces and cell structures weaken – this is when skin gets thinner and prone to wrinkles, sagging and less elastic. Collagen is also affected by sun exposure, nutrition and exposure to pollutants.

As much as the collagen can help, you also need to take care of your skin and health to reduce collagen degradation by having a proper sun care regimen, avoiding cigarette smoke and sun exposure, and having sufficient sleep. Eating the right food with antioxidants also help to increase, if not maintain your collagen production. This helps you to achieve the ultimate results as you consume NANO HYALURON & COLLAGEN in the long run. 

I’ve noticed that my skin is starting to look slightly better, and even my bust line is slowly getting more noticeable as how it was when I was in college. I hardly use thick, padded bras nowadays but I try to make sure I have as much bust support as I can. I am also able to wear outfits that would not look good with bras and go braless with confidence. I think my bust line looks great, and definitely not a disappointing affair when I go shop and try out clothes anymore. I feel more confident to put on the nice dresses and tops that I have been keeping for nights out and I’m definitely excited for more beach getaways where I can flaunt my new swimsuits with this current body shape. I feel like my level of confidence have been boosted a few notches and I worry less about how I look when I go out. I definitely feel a slight difference in my skin as my smile lines are less prominent than before and my body shape is changing in a positive way.

results in 1 month of consumption*

With this I would say that I’m happy with the results so far and hopefully with a continuous usage, I would see more improvements on my skin as well as my body and bust and hopefully I can maintain my youthfulness in the coming years. People always say that prevention is better than cure, so it’s best to start taking care of your bust and skin now than to fix it in the future. If you’d like to try out this product, you can buy it on the links below:

* NANO Collagen is HALAL and safe for Muslims to consume (halal sticker available at bottom of the can)
* Results may vary according to individual

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  1. hi. always wanted to try this nano collagen but am afraid i will be dissapointed with the result like other collagen which ive tried. Did you consume just the nano collagen or with the royal jelly?