mySMINK online portal for Malaysian beauty brand launches

7:30 PM

Now everyone can #getSMINKed cause Malaysia's latest online multi-brand beauty portal have been launched recently featuring 40 local beauty brands (at the time of writing) ranging from a diverse offering made of makeup, skincare, tools, hair and body care. The idea came about early 2017 and was realised 5 months later by two sisters, Nur Nadia SM Nasimuddin and Nur Diana SM Nasimuddin whom both share the same passion and love for beauty. 

mySMINK aims to let their customers have fun, inspiring and hassle-free shopping experience across the globe - that also means our local brands are now easily accessible from anywhere in the world and a potential for worldwide audience! mySMINK is also the exclusive online distributor for Madame Izara (a makeup collection by actress Izara Aishah) and Morena, a cosmetics line dedicated for tan to dark skin tones. There's even a category for Halal-certified products to cater to the demands of Muslim customers for authentic and trusted Halal brands. Only those that are JAKIM-approved or internationally approved makes it on that category. 

Here are brands or products that I've tried and loved from mySMINK:


Smootch was founded by two bestfriends from Malaysia who aimed to create affordable, natural skincare that really works. Their product ranges from cleansing face mask to delectable body scrubs and ultra-light hair mist made of high quality, hand picked ingredients of essential oils and French Pink Clay, lavender, apricot kernels, avocado and more.

Smootch products ranges from RM25 to RM120. Click here to view more.


Potions is a brand that was inspired by all-natural Ayurvedic healing ingredients that eliminates the use of harmful, chemical ingredients from skincare products. Founded by two Malaysians, they focus on the use of nourishing oils, butters, clays, botanicals, herbs and pure essential oils in their products to ensure that you're getting the best out of each bottle.

Potions products ranges from RM 20 to RM 55. Click here to view more.


Morena is a cosmetics line that focuses on creating foundations for tan to dark skin individuals at an affordable price range. Their foundations have been specially formulated for a healthy glow and avoids skin from looking dull after long hours of wearing makeup and it is also anti-humidity, which is a plus for Asians within this region. They're vegan friendly and are also against animal testing. Check out the swatch I did with the samples I received from mySMINK below.

Morena is being sold at RM79.90 per bottle. Click here to view more.


Cocomess is a Malaysian haircare brand that is halal-certified and enriched with extra virgin coconut oil, free from Paraben, sulfates and mineral oils that could be harmful in the long run. Cocomess prides itself in being the only Malaysian haircare brand that features only natural ingredients in each bottle.

Cocomess product ranges from RM 35 to RM 140. Click here to view more. 

mySMINK also carries a wide-range of cosmetics on their website by local brands and makeup artists so be sure to check them out as well.

For more information, visit the links below:

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