Sport-Proof Makeup with PUPA Sport Addicted

1:30 PM

Let’s face it; we have come to an era where most people would take photos even whilst doing their workout but who uploads sweaty, messy photos of them anymore? Definitely not me. 

Most girls would want to look good photographed, but don’t want to run the risk of having runny, smeared makeup over their faces which is why PUPA’s sport-proof makeup comes in handy for looks that are constantly camera ready, even while you’re sweating for a session at the spin class. This exclusive line of make-up products is specially formulated for use during sports activities, as they’re sweat-proof, waterproof and also extremely long lasting. 

The range doesn’t just stop at the basic makeup items – they basically have almost everything to complete a natural look from powder, concealer, fixer, mascara, eyeliner and balm. Priced at RM59 to RM115, this best-selling makeup brand in Italian perfumeries will be available at Sasa Malaysia stores nationwide. I personally got to try the concealer, mascara, lip balm and fixer spray and so far I have no negative reviews to give. 

The concealer is great – medium coverage, blends easily and it doesn’t smudge after a few hours. My other favorite would be the lip balm, moisturizing sans the greasiness and the spray helps keep my makeup intact, especially when I start perspiring. PUPA have appointed three ambassadors for this special collection that consists of an Olympics gymnast, basketball player and ballerina and I believe that all of them would look amazing even whilst doing what they do best. 

As for me, I’d keep testing out the products so there’s no reason to not look and give my 100% everytime I’m at the gym now. 

Pupa Sport Addicted Collection is now available in all Sasa Malaysia outlets:

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