Harper's Bazaar Malaysia shoot at Never Follow Suit, Bangsar

3:09 AM

I've been going through my blog draft lately after stumbling upon a few posts that was halfway done but never published for God knows what reason. Probably work was more important at the time thus I always ended up adding more posts without realizing the amount of drafts I've accumulated over the months. I know some have been yonks ago but as memory's sake, I might just post them up. It might be useful, someday.

Sometime last year, I received a lovely email from Jeffrey, a reader and acquaintance, to appear on Harper's Bazaar cause he works there and I would be silly to not say yes. After exchanging a few emails, a date was set and the location was confirmed. I didn't know what to expect but I was told to just dress as my usual self, and my usual self came in a top, jeans and brogues (which I kinda overused at that time). The feature came out a couple of months after which you can view if you scroll to the bottom of this post. 

I'm gonna leave you with (crappy) photos that I took with my iPhone, cause I kinda left my camera on that day of the Never Follow Suit store in Bangsar Telawi. Pretty interesting, if you like quirky kind of things. Joe Chia is a lovely lad and together with his model girlfriend, they're like a couple made in fashion heaven. I had my eyes set on a few things, unfortunately they were not for sale =P

Will be updating from New York soon!


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