Christmas Beauty Gift Ideas 2015

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'Tis the season of giving whenever Christmas is around the corner and as always, I'm pretty last minute when it comes to buying gifts. That does not mean that I'll skimp on my presents though. It's always nice to receive thoughtful gifts, and I always make it a point to buy things according to their personality. I've listed down a few beauty gifts I thought would be appropriate for the right type of girls below in hopes that it would help you with that last minute gift idea, and there's also nothing wrong to give yourself a gift too! 


Au Naturel Girls

Lovera Magic Jelly

Girls who love natural products would love this magic jelly by Lovera. It's a local Malaysian product, meant for all ages (safe for children) and is a multipurpose product - you may use it on almost anything! Wear it under your makeup for hydration and to control sebum production, or dab it onto a cut so it heals better and faster. This product is great for traveling as well as for family use. 

Buy it on Lovera Malaysia.

Artsy Girls

Zoeva Rose Golden Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set

An artsy girl never leave home without her brushes - her rose gold brushes. This is at the top of my personal wish list as the Zoeva brushes are at the top of their league according to reviews online, and they come in the prettiest shades (and packaging) other than looking sturdy and ergonomically well-built. If the girl you're buying gifts for can do magic with her eye makeup, this brush set would definitely be one of the best gifts she would receive. 

Buy it on Luxola

Luxury Girls

La Mer Renewal Oil

One of the best products I've tried this year would be the La Mer Renewal Oil. This luxuriously rich oil is also a multipurpose product - you're able to use it from head to toe. This renewal oil melts into the skin, hydrates and provide anti-ageing benefits with their sea sourced nutrients from their Miracle Broth- fine lines are reduced and skin is increasingly firm, boost of collagen production and it provides a fine glow to the skin. 

Buy it at their retail Store Isetan 1Utama & Metrojaya Midvalley.

Office Girls

Moonshot Mist Essence Moist

This Moonshot moisturizing and illuminating mist containing calendula flower oil and more than 30 natural oil ingredients leaves the skin hydrated and glowing. It provides deep hydration, gives dewy, glowing, luminous effect and can be used on face, hair and body, even after makeup to avoid cracking especially for girls who are in dry conditions i.e air-conditioned offices.

Buy it at Sephora Malaysia stores nationwide.

Fitness Girls

Soap & Glory In The Bag Set

If you're looking for a nice, beauty related gift for a fitness girl then look no further than a bath set for them to pamper themselves after a session at the gym. This Soap & Glory bath set isn't only pretty to look at, they smell amazing and they feel great too. I personally have all of the items in the set and it is my go-to products when I want to pamper myself once in a while. 

-CLEAN ON ME™ Moisture Shower Gel 75ml
-HEEL GENIUS™ Foot Cream 50ml
-HAND FOOD™ Hand Cream 50ml
-THE SCRUB OF YOUR LIFE™ Body Buffer 50ml
-GLAD HAIR DAY™ Shampoo 50ml
-A body polisher
-A toiletry bag.

Buy it at Sephora Malaysia stores nationwide.

Fashion Girls

Maison Kitsuné Set

What could be a better gift for a fashionista than a beauty and fashion collaboration set by Maison Kitsuné for Shu Uemura. The set comes with essentials from the brand, perfect for girls on-the-go. Check out the link below to view other available sets.

Buy it at Shu Uemura stores nationwide | View other sets here.

Career Girls

Foreo Eye Massager

When I used to work non-stop, I would end up with massive eyebags, water retention and dark circles and there were only two things that could help me - massages and rest. Sometimes, it helps to have a device that could increase blood circulation and helps reduce the appearance of a dark circle. Foreo's IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager is inspired from traditional methods of manual fingertip tapping, boost micro-blood circulation, oxygenating the skin to stimulate rejuvenation and help reduce signs of aging and fatigue, but do so taking different approaches according to your comfort and gentleness requirements. It is great to use before sleeping after putting on eye serum, or the morning after to help reduce swelling on the undereyes. 

Available in Sephora Malaysia stores. 

Party Girls

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette

This latest addition to the coveted Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes are great for party girls who loves music. The shades are mostly dark and rich to create the smokey eye look, perfect for a night out in town.

Available in Urban Decay KLCC store and Luxola.

Traveler Girls

Benefit Cosmetics Life of The Party Set

There's nothing more useful for a traveler girl like me than a mini palette that I could use on a daily basis while I'm traveling and Benefit Cosmetics usually have good ones. I currently have three sets and counting and currently eye-ing this particular one as the hues are great for day and night time use.  

Buy it on Luxola

Which type of personality are you and what other beauty gifts you think would be appropriate for other types of personalities that you can recommend to me and my readers? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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