Sephora Malaysia Launches 3CE Cosmetics

1:15 PM

Urban Malaysians are generally fluent in Korean culture that the names 'Park Sora' and 3CE is no stranger to the local beauty enthusiast. When Sephora Malaysia launched 3CE in their stores recently, there were waves of fangirls flocking the Nu Sentral store, mostly of Park Sora's fans and also Sephora's. We were introduced to their range, and also given a demo using 3CE products by their makeup artist that was specially flown in for the event. I didn't take that many photos during the event cause it was so packed! I couldn't even get myself near the 3CE shelf for a photo cause everyone was going crazy trying out the array of products they were selling in the store but I managed to bag some products home thanks to Sephora Malaysia.

Nana and I with a giant 3CE powder puff

I'm always on the lookout for the best daily makeup set and I think 3CE has very good selection to create daily looks along the sweet, romantic and natural spectrum. They're not heavy handed, and they're made for the East Asians. Check out some of the items I got below and how I looked like using them! 

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