Jo Malone's Star Magnolia

4:53 PM

Get ready as this Spring, the Star Magnolia is in full bloom! Jo Malone London launches the limited edition Star Magnolia series, coming this May 2017 - delicate white blossoms with star magnolia, magnolia leaf and orange blossom with a kiss of lemon, ginger and shiso for those who loves fresh scents without the over-powering floral note (that seems to kill my olfactory receptors in the nasal cavity). The limited edition products come in two - a limited edition cologne and hair mist. The scent creates a delicate veil over the skin and scalp while the hair mist has high-shine conditioning treatments that you could wear alone or layered with a complementary scent. 

Star Magnolia will be available May 2017.

30ml cologne (RM260), 100ml cologne (RM510) & 50ml hair mist (RM200)

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