Sephora Colourful Skincare Collection

10:30 AM

Sephora has introduced their latest skin care collection with the all-new Colourful Skincare collection  that has different ingredients and functions for every skin type. Ingredients such as coconut water, pomegranate, rose, yuzu, greeen tea & charcoal are color-coded across four types of products - facial wipes, face cleanser, micellar cleanser and lip balms. 

Cleansing Wipes

The wipes are resealable and easy to pack for quick refresh throughout the day. It also help remove light makeup and cleanse or exfoliate your skin. The two variations - green tea and charcoal has dual wipes where one side has micro-sphere ridges that helps to gently scrub the skin, removing dead cells and offers deep, pore-refining cleansing. The pomegranate and yuzu are great for quick refreshers - pomegranate helps gives energizing boost to tired and dull skin while yuzu is ideal for both dry and sensitive skin types as it tones the skin. They both contain skin-awakening properties that combats fatigue and gives skin a refresh without stripping its natural moisture. 

Cream Cleansers

The cleansing creams are also travel-sized so it is convenient to pack for a trip or to the gym. It melts on your skin and cleanses the skin - charcoal and green tea variations have exfoliating micro-pearls infused in its formula for deep cleansing. These two ingredients are recommended for combination to oily skin as it helps cleanse without completely drying the skin and aggravating it. Green tea helps reduce shine, mattifies the skin and fight blemishes while charcoal draws out impurities to detox and purify the skin. It unclogs and prevent future breakouts by refining the skin's texture. 

Micellar Cleanser

I personally am a fan of micellar cleansers as I use it after cleansing like a toner (cause sometimes I use it to remove extra traces of makeup) or whenever I am too tired but still need to remove my makeup before bedtime but don't wanna to wash my face. The Micellar Cleanser from Sephora's Colourful collection comes in three textures - milk, gel or water. Depending on your preference, these micellar cleansers are great to cleanse, soothe and prep the skin for products. For someone with dry skin, having ultra-hydrating ingredients such as coconut water and rose is great - coconut water nourishes and hydrates while it soothes and relaxes the skin while rose delivers intense moisture while it brightens the skin for a more even and radiant complexion. 

Lip Balms

The lip balms are great to keep the lips soft and luscious as each ingredient has different benefits. The almond balm had a little bit of a cooling effect while rose and tangerine has a slight tint to it. Coconut water is for continuous hydration and there's also a honey lip scrub to remove the chapped lips. 


The Sephora Colourful Skincare collection is meant to be mixed and matched to suit your skin's unique needs - detoxify with charcoal and sooth it after with coconut water. Think creating a special cocktail for according to your need and preferences. This range brings a whole new level of fun to your beauty regimen so start mix and matching for your own personal rainbow!

Colourful Skincare collection is available in Sephora stores nationwide and online. Check out these links for more information:

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