La Mer Revitalising Hydrating Serum

6:11 PM

Turning 30 this year means that my body will not back down from constantly surprising me with new discoveries. It is also the year where I learned that my skin is actually not combination, nor oily - it is extremely dehydrated hence the unexplainable oil slick on my forehead and nose all the time despite the wrinkles that are starting to form. This is also the year where I take action on my skin and be in charge again. Ever since I got interested in beauty again (yes, I took a break around the graduating year and first actual office job cause I couldn't be arsed to touch my beauty arsenals) I've been learning more and more from industry experts via events, meet ups, test and trials, readings and discussions. I've found a range of beauty products that I can rely on and that my skin are less sensitive to new things now - it's a good thing so that I can test out a lot of things without being scared of the consequences. 

I was lucky to be given the all-new Revitalising Serum to try and add to my growing collection of La Mer products and after a session of how-to with the team I was convinced that this would help my dry skin problems and it did. We did a test on our hands (obviously my most neglected part of the body as I do my house chores) and turns out that my skin is so dry, it hardly retains any moisture even with a spritz of moisturising water. 

Skin derives its life force from hydration, like any other parts of life. In order for skin to thrive, we need healthy moisture. La Mer's NEW Revitalising Hydrating Serum is inspired by the earth's moisture balance and creates a mini-atmosphere of continuous hydration that floods the skin with moisture and this boosts its natural healing process. The Revitalising Hydrating Serum infuses skin with instant and all-day energy and hydration via it's tiny micro-droplets, helping the skin attract and hold moisture while acting from within the skin's surface. This results in plumper skin from within. 

This transformational product is activated by La Mer's own Miracle Broth and two new sea-sourced ferments - The NEW Deep Hydration Ferment and Youth Activating Ferment that mimics nature's moisture cycle while Lime Tea Concentrate creates an antioxidant protection. Even from the demo, it shows how dry my skin was without and how it retains moisture from a face mist after application, leaving a smoother, more supple skin surface after. This serum is my current favorite before bed time as I sleep in an air-conditioned room and I wake up with healthier, supple skin. Check out this serum next time you're at a La Mer counter. 

La Mer's The Revitalising Hydrating Serum is available in La Mer stores* at RM 820 (30ml)

* Robinsons The Gardens, Isetan KLCC, Parkson Pavilion KL & Isetan Bandar Utama.

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